Email List Management

With the email list management capabilities of Marketing Campaigns, you’re in complete control of how you communicate and send to your contacts. Segment your recipients and then send more targeted, personal messages to improve engagement and deliverability.

List Contact

List and Contact Management

With SendGrid, you can add, upload, and remove contacts in one place to ensure your list is up to date. You can also view and edit each contact individually as needed.

Custom Field

Custom Field Segmentation

Choose conditions and create granular, targeted groups to send specific messages to. Good list segmentation makes sure your customers are receiving the content they want, which increases engagement and helps you build a strong relationship with your subscribers.


Engagement Segmentation

Group customers by how much they engage with messages. Rather than sending one message to an entire contact list, ensure that the most receptive customers receive messages first.


Unsubscribe Groups

With the unsubscribe groups function of Marketing Campaigns, you can assign an unsubscribe group to a campaign, allowing recipients the opportunity to unsubscribe from a group, rather than unsubscribing from all communications.

POST request to create a custom field via our Contact Management API

Contact Management API

The Contact Management API can be used for programmatic email list management for your email program. Take advantage of the Contact Management API to programmatically add, segment, edit, or remove contacts.

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