Email APIs

SendGrid’s email APIs make integration easy in almost any coding language you choose to use. Once set up, select your parameters and let SendGrid do the work. SendGrid was founded by developers, and our email APIs were built to make SendGrid easy to integrate and use.

POST request to create a campaign with the Web API

Organized and Easy To Use APIs

Our email APIs include descriptive HTTP methods, resource-based URLs, JSON request and response payloads, and intuitive endpoint names. Additionally, the Customer Portal was built on the v3 API so that everything is programmable to your workflow. Integrate with SendGrid via SMTP API, Web API, Marketing Campaigns APIs and more.

Multiple Languages

SendGrid’s robust Official API Libraries, in addition to the several Open Source API Libraries created by the SendGrid community, mean that integration is easy no matter your preferred language.

Event POST from our Event Webhook

Event Webhook

Our Event Webhook helps customers get more information about their email events by posting email events to an HTTP endpoint. Our EventKit makes it easy to access and search through the data.

POST request to adjust settings with our Inbound Parse Webhook

Inbound Parse Webhook

With SendGrid’s Inbound Parse Webhook, you can receive incoming messages to your application and parse attachments and content, creating a two-way street with your recipients.

Detailed Documentation

Clean documentation is the best indicator of easy integration. Our Developer Experience team keeps tabs on our docs.

Send With Confidence

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