Access free advice from SendGrid and other industry experts on how to improve your email communication strategies and drive engagement with your subscribers.

Communicating Your Code

As developers, we talk about code every day: to technical people, non-technical people, people who know more about systems than us, and people who know less. Each has different frames of reference and must be told things differently. This talk will explore methods of communication for each type of audience and the processes behind them. Understand how to sell your ideas to your boss, explain what you do to your parents, teach other developers, and solicit feedback better.

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The Developer’s Toolbox: Free APIs Every Developer Needs to Know About


Nowadays, building a great app doesn’t just depend on having a good idea and executing on it. Users have come to expect a certain level of sophistication and integration with the applications they interact with. As if building something new wasn’t hard enough, developers are now expected to become experts in handling email deliverability, SMS, performance stability, and social media integration.

Thank goodness for APIs! Join SendGrid’s Director of Developer Communications and a member of the Loader.io team as they walk through some of the essential free APIs that every developer should be familiar with when trying to get their app off the ground.

This webcast will::

Reveal the most essential free APIs and the best ways to integrate with them
Show off creative uses of free APIs
Take a deep dive into free SendGrid and Loader.io APIs

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Highway to Hell: Top 7 Fastest Ways to Land in the Email Underwold

Believe it or not, the worst thing that can happen to your email program isn’t ending up in the SPAM folder. There is an entire email underworld filled with blacklists, spam traps, hackers, and phishers that can doom even the most well intentioned email program. Join SendGrid’s email experts Ali Frusciano and Katie Nelson as they take you down the top 10 fastest roads to email hell, and back!

This webcast will:

Present real-life stories of email programs gone awry
Uncover the most devestating pitfalls to avoid
Give advice on how to get your email program back on track
Prepare you to respond at the first sign of trouble

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The Power of Email APIs

Most developers know about SendGrid’s SMTP relay services and the deliverability benefits, but did you know there are also a host of other SendGrid APIs that can make your life even easier? Learn how to use all of the SendGrid APIs to unleash the full power of email in your application.

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