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Happy New (Email) Year!

Does your new year’s resolution involve your email program? No? Okay, we understand — you don’t eat, sleep, and breathe email like us. The great news is we have an original webcast planned to start 2015 off with a bang, so we’ll give you everything you need to whip that old email program into shape along with your other resolutions!

First, we’ll take a look back at and reflect on major happenings in the email space in 2014 including the introduction of the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL), privacy with email, and the rise of mobile, accompanied with best practices to follow around those changes. Then we’ll take a look forward to 2015 with email predictions!

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Grow Your Email List

An incredibly important, but often overlooked, piece of a successful email program is email acquisition. How you obtain your email addresses goes hand in hand with who you’re sending your messages to. If your recipients didn’t subscribe or opt in to a communication from you, your email program is in major trouble. Our presenters Carly Brantz, Director of Revenue Marketing, and Jillian Wohlfarth, Senior Manager of Content, will take you through the following opportunities to help you grow your list authentically:

  • Optimize your opt-in pages
  • Creat multiple opportunities for sign-up
  • Create a stellar welcome email
  • Develop valuable email content
  • Implement an email preference center
  • Focus on email deliverability
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Holiday Sending Hacks

Your email program requires extra special attention during the holidays. In this original webcast, “Holiday Sending Hacks,” our two all-star deliverability consultants Luke Martinez and Tanya Plaza share some holiday sending hacks to get your holiday email program off on the right foot. They will cover topics like:

  • Pre-holiday sending tips
  • Importance of preference centers
  • How to save the holiday unsubscribers
  • Email metrics to watch
  • Staying safe during the holidays (phishing/ATO)
  • What blacklist operators do to prepare for the holidays
  • And so much more!
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The ABCs of ISPs

As email continues to evolve, it’s important to follow the best practices that will help your email reach the inbox. At SendGrid, we communicate with ISPs to help us stay on top of issues that affect our clients’ deliverability. In this webcast, you’ll learn how to get delivered at the major internet service providers (ISPs) like Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail.

In this webcast, learn email deliverability…

  • Strategies: Monitoring your reputation and properly authenticating your email.
  • Tools: What do you even use to monitor your reputation? And specifically, what do you use to get back on track?
  • Tactics: We’ll break down a few of the major ISPs and give tips on how to tailor your email program to their rules.
  • Results: Top tips to not only get you in the inbox, but also how to stay there!
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Successfully Scaling Email

Throughout this live customer session learn about…

  • How does Commissions Inc. leverage email to engage and connect their users?
  • What challenges has the company faced around email?
  • What were the driving KPIs that led them to SendGrid?
  • Why is SendGrid critical to their success and scaling growth?
  • What’s next for Commissions Inc.?
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Tips and Tricks to Stay Out of the Spam Folder

Staying out of the spam folder can be harder than you think! Even for senders with the best intentions, sending content that recipients are anticipating (shipping notifications, password resets, etc.), can end up in the spam folder. Spend an hour with us as Melanie Rowe, Senior Technical Account Manager, and Rob Piers, Technical Account Manager, walk you through the top ways to stay out of the spam folder and in the inbox.

In the webcast we will review:

  • How to authenticate your email
  • Permission Marketing and the opt-in
  • The importance of relevancy in your content
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Email Deliverability 101

We are excited to introduce a 2014 refresh of our classic webcast series: Ask an Expert! Getting Started with Email Deliverability. Join our email experts Kurt Diver, Deliverability Analyst, and Erik Ault, Senior Technical Account Manager, as they walk you through the basics of email deliverability. Kurt and Erik will answer common email questions such as:

  • What does it mean to be a white hat sender?
  • What email events should I be tracking to monitor the health of my email campaign?
  • What is DKIM and SPF?
  • Uh Oh! I’ve been blacklisted. Now what?
  • What’s new about CASL (Canada Anti-Spam Legislation)?
  • And so much more!

Following the presentation we will host a live Q&A, so bring your email deliverability questions for our experts to answer!

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SendGrid Template Engine Demo

Join us for a 30 minute introduction and demo of SendGrid’s new Template Engine. Product Manager, John Vajda, will explain the capabilities of the new application and walk you through how you can utilize SendGrid’s Template Engine. This session will focus on:

  • Creating a template and managing template versions
  • Template content editing
  • Using our API to send transactional email using a template

Following the demo we will hold a live chat Q&A, so feel free to come with questions!

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Be an Email Switch Hitter

Everybody sends email, but very few applications receive it. Learn how to make your email a home run by accepting replies from your users. In this webcast, you’ll learn how to use the Incoming Parse Webhook, which easily funnels inbound email into your application. Developer Communications Director, Adam DuVander, and Developer Evangelist, Kunal Batra, will share common use cases for incoming email, such as social, customer support, and content management.

Don’t strike out by just using email like everybody else! See production examples from real SendGrid customers and creative sample apps that ensure your emails are a hit from both sides of the plate.

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Make Transactional Email Your Superhero

It’s time your transactional email program realizes its full potential. Say “goodbye” to sleepy emails and “hello” to optimized, personalized, and ROI-rich content. Bottom line: Your transactional email can be better. We’ll show you how.

Join Matt Harris, Co-founder of transactional email platform, sendwithus, and Jillian Wohlfarth, content guru at SendGrid as they show you how to maximize the effectiveness of your transactional email program. Learn how to:

  • Turn dead-end transactional emails into great experiences
  • Identify…and rectify missed opportunities in transactional email
  • Elevate your email program through optimization
  • A/B test for success
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ISPs Like It Hot: How to Warm Up an IP

An IP address is how the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and other mailbox providers identify legitimate mail senders. But when you get a new IP address, it doesn’t have a reputation score since mail hasn’t been sent from it yet. It’s therefore considered a “cold” IP.

So how do you successfully get inboxed with a cold IP with zero reputation? The answer is…warm it up! Two of SendGrid’s Senior Technical Account Managers (TAMS) will explain the ins and out of IP warm up: why it’s important and who needs to do it in this free webcast.

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Understanding the API Economy

One of today’s hottest technology trends is around the rise of the API economy. The growth in the number of available APIs is enabling application developers with unprecedented opportunities to access new services and platforms to rapidly create new economic opportunities. But not all APIs are created equal. Despite increasing API availability, there are still challenges that need to be considered before deciding to use one.

In this webinar, guest speaker, Randy Heffner from Forrester Research, Inc., will describe the emerging API economy and what is driving its growth. He will also outline a strategy to help you better decide how and when to use APIs to create scalable solutions to quickly address today’s market problems. Adam DuVander from SendGrid will then discuss successful business platforms that leverage APIs, including the SendGrid email deliverability platform, and the numerous APIs that developers can take advantage of.

Whether you’re a developer currently leveraging APIs, or a business owner looking to gain a better understanding of what resources are available to you, Randy and Adam will provide you with the takeaways you need to succeed in an ever-changing market.

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