Learn more about SendGrid including our products, our company, and our great employee culture.

How to Warm Up an IP

Have a new IP address and are unsure of why…or how you you should warm up your IP? This video will explain the ins and outs, so you can start off on the right foot.

SendGrid’s Top Tips to Stay Out of the Spam Folder

Want to know how to keep your transactional and marketing email out of the spam folder? This quick video will help you make sure you’re following the best practices that will help your email reach the inbox.

SendGrid Overview

So you’ve built this awesome app… what’s next? Check out our new video and see how SendGrid can help.

Learn Why Employees Love SendGrid

Employees love SendGrid because our culture focuses largely on the people that work here, and through what we define as the 4 H’s. Watch the video for a peak into our office and to learn how we use the 4 H’s to promote a fun, hard working culture.

Developers On SendGrid

We interviewed a few of our customers – developers who have experience building applications and entire businesses on top of SendGrid’s email infrastructure technology. Watch to see what they have to say!