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Mirror Utilizes the Power of SendGrid APIs to Streamline their Verification Process and Ensure Email Delivery

"Their killer APIs were easy to deploy and have opened the door for us to be more creative with our approach to new products and new markets."

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The Customer: Mirror

Build your reputation and connect with others for dates, activities, and even jobs!

Mirror is a social discovery platform that helps people create a mosaic of who they are—by showcasing their best qualities, interests and unique traits—in order to connect with others for dates, activities, and even jobs. Mirror users build their online reputation and searchable tag cloud using their existing network of friends and family to endorse their unique qualities. It’s both LinkedIn and Craigslist for the next generation. Mirror’s mission is to make connecting with those you don’t already know easier and more meaningful.

The Challenge

Start-up social discovery platform needs an affordable and scalable email solution that can integrate with their proprietary user verification process.

When Mirror opened their doors a year ago, they already knew that email was one of the pillars that would drive the success of their platform. They were already familiar with the challenges of email deliverability and sought out a solution that would be able to handle the millions of emails that would flow through their platform every month.

As a start-up, they wanted an affordable solution that had the flexibility to scale as they grew over time. They also needed a completely outsourced solution since their small team of in-house developers was wholly focused on building and improving the Mirror platform. Moreover, it had to be able to support their unique process of verifying users and continuing the communication flow from sign-up to verification and through to platform messaging, interactions, and user-to-user double-blind communications.


SendGrid APIs Provide the Data They Need to Streamline Their User Verification Process.

Based on past successes and their key requirements, Mirror decided to outsource their email deliverability to SendGrid. They knew that SendGrid’s APIs would provide the tools they needed to simplify their operations.

SendGrid easily integrated with their proprietary system and enhanced their ability to streamline their verification process that requires new users to provide accurate email, mobile, and social data to prove their identity. This information is verified by a proprietary algorithm that scores the user for either approval or rejection. Using SendGrid’s Web API and the Parse API, Mirror is able to identify IP addresses for each user and automatically test the validity of each email address. This information combined with SMS and social data help Mirror isolate illegitimate users.

In an effort to better allocate resources, Mirror was also able to transfer the creation of their monthly newsletter from their developer to their in-house designers and marketing team using SendGrid’s Newsletter application. The Newsletter app is easy to use and requires no programming experience. Using templates, they can quickly customize emails, perform A/B testing, import lists, and check for spam signals.

Additionally, access to key delivery and response metrics for each campaign allows them to better customize their communications to targeted segments of their file.


Mirror now sends up to 300,000 emails per month and their delivery rate is 95%.

Today, Mirror sends approximately 300,000 emails per month to users who want to connect with people who have similar needs and interests. Given the rapid growth of Mirror’s user base and the expansion of their product set, their monthly emails sent through SendGrid will easily rise to the millions in the foreseeable future. These emails serve many functions—they send verification, invitation, and activity notifications, confirm sign ups, promote Mirror’s offerings, and connect users with one another. Today, Mirror enjoys a 95% delivery rate and is now looking to expand their email program to international territories and to those who connect via other social platforms.

As a deliverability partner, SendGrid actively works with them on following email best practices to maintain and improve their delivery rates. SendGrid serves as an extension of their in-house team, and is available 24/7 by chat and email to provide a high level of support and interaction to ensure Mirror’s emails get delivered.

Client Feedback

Froilan Mendoza, CTO

"SendGrid was not only able to integrate with our proprietary verification system, but also help streamline it. Their killer APIs were easy to deploy and have opened the door for us to be more creative with our approach to new products and new markets. Because of its ease of use, we’ve also been able to reallocate resources by reassigning tasks like newsletter deployment and we have good delivery to boot. SendGrid is a great partner and their pricing structure helps us track our spending, project costs, and drive growth for our business. "