Best Practice Guides

Download SendGrid’s complimentary best practice guides to improve your email sending practices and to best take advantage of the SendGrid email delivery platform.

How to Warm Up an IP

Warming up your IP shouldn’t be a daunting process—with the right tools and information, you can ensure that you earn a great reputation for your IP and that your emails get delivered. This comprehensive guide explains:

  • How warming up an IP benefits you from both an ISP and a sending perspective
  • How much email to send and when, including sample schedules
  • The right questions to ask your ESP to ensure the process is done right
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Highway to Hell: Top 7 Fastest Ways to Land in the Email Underworld

Even the most well-intentioned email program can be plagued by the pitfalls of the email underworld. Spam traps, blacklists, phishers, and more are all hell-bent on making your email’s journey to the inbox a treacherous one.

Think you know how to keep your email on the right path and avoid temptation? Escape the throes of these 7 Deadly Email Sins to ensure that you’re on the fast track to the inbox.

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How to Be a SendGrid Marketing Solutions Partner

If you think you might be a Marketing Solutions Partner, ask yourself this one important question: Are you sending email on behalf of someone else? If you provide a CRM solution or are a SaaS company or a marketing agency that offers email as a service to your customers, you are a Marketing Solutions Partner. In all of these scenarios, you need a silent partner, like SendGrid, to power your email program while you provide your core services on the frontend.

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about Marketing Solutions Partnerships at SendGrid.

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Interactive Email Deliverability Guide

Interactive Deliverability Guide

Reaching the inbox is never guaranteed. In this interactive Email Deliverability Guide, through a mix of quizzes, visuals, and checklists, our experts share their top tips on navigating the email landscape. You’ll walk away with key steps you can take right now to improve your deliverability and the overall health of your email program.