Best Practice Guides

Download SendGrid’s complimentary best practice guides to improve your email sending practices and to best take advantage of the SendGrid email delivery platform.

Email Marketing Survival Kit

Preparation is the key to any successful email campaign—having the right tools in your email marketing toolkit can make all the difference. To help, we’ve assembled our most popular email marketing content in our Email Marketing Survival Kit.

What’s Inside the Kit:

  • The A-Zs of email marketing
  • Advice on how to write and design effective marketing emails
  • A sending framework that will keep you and your subscribers happy
  • Tips from our email insiders on what new tactics to try (and avoid!)
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SendGrid Email Infrastructure Guide

Deciding whether you should build and manage an email infrastructure in-house or outsource it to an email service provider (ESP) can be difficult. SendGrid’s Email Infrastructure Guide will walk you through the build vs. buy decision. We cover deliverability, scalability, support, cost, and other considerations that you’ll have to keep in mind. If you set up your email correctly, and you’ll have a better chance of getting your messages to the inbox.

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A-Z of Email Marketing

With email marketing being one of your strongest channels for ROI and customer acquisition, the more informed you are about proven best practices, the more return you’ll see. So from A (Audience) to Z (Zone In On Your VIP Recipients) and every letter in between: G (Give Before You Take), N (Not all Designers are Email Designers), P (Permission Marketing), let the A-Z of Email Marketing Guide help you step up your email game in 2016.

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The SendGrid Buyer’s Guide

Now that you are considering using SendGrid’s cloud-based system, you need to be sure you are choosing the solution that will meet your immediate and long-term needs. SendGrid’s Buyer’s Guide highlights the power of the SendGrid platform by illustrating the benefits SendGrid can have on your business.

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SendGrid API Guide

There is no limit to what you can do with SendGrid’s APIs. Read our API Guide to receive a comprehensive overview of all of our APIs, to learn more about sample use cases and client success stories, to gain valuable tips on where to find additional integration information online, and to find links to sample code. With this knowledge, you’ll be a master of our APIs in no time!

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Inbound Parse Webhook Guide

SendGrid’s Inbound Parse Webhook allows messages to be posted directly to your application, database, or any location that can accept JSON data. With this guide, learn how to take best advantage of this webhook so you can:

  • Welcome feedback
  • Interact with your customers
  • Collect valuable data
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Email Segmentation Strategies

With web-based communications infiltrating all segments of life, email has become a primary way that businesses interact with their users. Knowing how to best communicate and market your product or service to customers via email is key to business success and expansion. But not all customers are the same.

Learn to segment by:

  • User and customer activity
  • Demographics of your database
  • Email types and streams
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The ABCs of ISPs

A key to deliverability success is complying with Internet Service Providers (ISPs). But with the email landscape constantly changing, it can be hard to keep up with the latest best practices. At SendGrid, we communicate with ISPs to help stay on top of these changes. In addition, we’ve compiled the top strategies, tools, and tactics for you to gain acceptance by ISPs in our guide, The ABCs of ISPs.

Topics covered in this guide include:

  • The difference between IP and domain reputation
  • Engagement metrics definitions
  • What ISPs have feedback loops
  • A breakdown of specific deliverability tips by ISP
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How to Build a Strong Email Call to Action (CTA)

Once your subscribers have opened your email, your next step is to get them to click. The key to generating a click on your email links is providing a clear and actionable Call to Action (CTA). So how do you optimize this essential part of your email? Our How to Build a Strong Email Call to Action guide will show you how.

The guide covers CTA:

  • Copy Placement
  • Content Tips
  • Design Elements
  • Creative Examples
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Why A/B Testing is Critical to Email Campaign Success

You’ve heard the saying, it’s not what you say, but how you say it. This applies to email too. Senders have a unique opportunity to influence the success of their email campaigns by focusing on three key elements: content, design, and timing. Finding the right mix can be uncovered through systematic testing of your emails. But where do you start? Our guide, Why A/B Testing is Critical to Email Campaign Success explains how.

What’s Inside the Guide:

  • Examples of what to test
  • Explanations of how to test
  • Key takeaways to start your email testing off on the right foot
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How to Authentically Grow Your Email List

One of the biggest challenges when developing your email program can be growing your email list. In order to be an all-star marketer and a white hat email sender, you can’t buy or rent lists. So, how can you organically build your list and your reach? Our guide breaks down 30 tips with examples that can help you do just that.

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