We’re confident that our critical email campaigns are going to be sent every single time with SendGrid’s simple, but very sophisticated capabilities.


TheLadders is the go-to job site for more than 7 million job-seekers and over 86,000 employers and recruiters. While they started more than 11 years ago as a job site focused on positions earning $100,000/year or more, TheLadders now helps professional of all types find new positions.


After creating an in-house email infrastructure to handle their email when they started their business, TheLadders needed a more reliable and scalable email solution. In addition to handling the 170 million transactional emails they send each month, they needed a solution that would be flexible and provide personalization, as well as being cost effective.


TheLadders chose to evaluate several email service providers, but ultimately, they wanted something that had fewer bells and whistles and more functionality. They finally handed over the search for an email solution to their engineering team lead, who chose SendGrid. SendGrid’s features like subusers, dedicated IPs, Event Webhook, and Documentation are essential for TheLadders’ business.


Ultimately, a successful email program is essential for any growing business. TheLadders know that email delivery and engagement drives traffic to their site, which in turn drives sales, account upgrades, and other types of revenue. By using SendGrid, TheLadders has been able to set up their email program and throw everything they have at it without any issues because according to them, “SendGrid just works.” In fact, Deepa Miglani, VP of marketing for TheLadders told Direct Marketing News in an interview that: “Our lives have changed because we know that the emails are getting delivered on time. We’re not experiencing blockages at the ISPs because we’ve changed the type of content in the email or [because] we launched a new sort of email. Not having those issues that we were having previously is the one fundamental change that has happened with our migration of SendGrid.”
New York, NY
  • Easy integration with highly scalable email infrastructure
  • 24/7 access to email deliverability experts
  • Improved email deliverability and customer response
  • Recognized cost savings in time, money, and resources
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