SendGrid's easy-to-use API made the implementation of the segmentation seamless with no down time. By effectively targeting and segmenting our users we experienced an immediate impact to the bottom line while increasing our deliverability and lowering our unsubscribe rate.


TestingMom.com is an online educational resource that provides test-preparation and skill-building for pre-kindergarten through 8th grade students to help parents and students navigate and prepare for scholastic testing at an affordable price. After navigating the complexities of New York City’s gifted and talented programs and schools with their own children, TestingMom.com co-founders, Karen Quinn and Michael McCurdy, decided to help other parents nationwide via an online portal. TestingMom.com knows first-hand that education is a personal topic, both for students in gifted and talented programs, and for their parents. They look to email as a way to reach their audience at that level. What began as a few emails a week to their subscriber base, has grown into a sophisticated, time-coordinated system that is vital to the success of TestingMom.com’s subscription offering. Learn more about TestingMom.com’s email program, their segmentation approach, and the specific emails they send through SendGrid by downloading the TestingMom.com Case Study above.


TestingMom.com’s subscriber base is made up of resourceful, tenacious, and smart parents focused on creating opportunities for their children. As a result, they needed to offer high-value email content at the perfect time in order to serve them well. You can read about how SendGrid enables TestingMom.com to make changes to their email program so their recipients are more engaged in the full PDF.


By using the contact segmentation tools within SendGrid’s Marketing Campaigns, TestingMom.com imports data taken from customers at sign-up to create highly-targeted, dynamic recipient list segments. Once a targeted segment has been created, subscribers can then opt-in to receive various email content at key points throughout the day, like mornings, after school, before bed, etc. By combining their dynamic segments with subscriber email preferences, TestingMom.com delivers their content when it matters most.


TestingMom.com began implementing these dynamic segments and sending content at targeted times during the day just 3 months ago. Since then, they’ve seen an immediate, positive impact in their subscriber engagement, conversions, and delivery.
New York, NY
  • Dynamic segmentation to easily target customer with relevant content
  • An efficient and productive campaign workflow
  • Integration with an infrastructure that allows them to scale easily
  • Improved subscriber engagement, conversions, and delivery rates
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