So much of what Strava strives for is engagement and keeping people interested and using the app. Email helps drive people back to the platform in addition to other key communication functions.


Strava is the social network for athletes. From Olympians to weekend warriors, Strava’s website and mobile applications help millions of athletes track their runs and bike rides, compete with other users, and see what their favorite athletes are doing.

Strava began sending email through SendGrid in 2011 and has scaled exponentially since. Justin Fritz, Strava’s Email Marketing Manager, says that email communications are critical to the app’s success.


Strava needs an email solution that allows them to determine what messages are working well and what messages can be altered or removed quickly. They also need an email solution that can scale as quickly as they can while maintaining affordability.

You can read about how SendGrid enables Strava to make changes to their email program so their recipients are more engaged and eager to use the app in the full PDF.


SendGrid’s new Customer Portal provides a fast and impactful look at the performance of their email program that’s better and easier than getting the same charts from other ESPs.

This allows them to pinpoint issues and areas to improve very easy. In addition to this, Strava can take advantage of their Customer Success Manager at SendGrid to correct any unforeseen problems that arise.


By paying close attention to recipient behavior, reducing email frequency, and re-evaluating superfluous messages, Strava was able to make improvements in recipient engagement.

Strava has also leveraged the programmatic emails sent through SendGrid to offer users unique and exclusive products in the Strava Shop. The resulting messages have very high click-through rates and drive a significant revenue for the business.

Download the full PDF to see Strava email examples and graphs of engagement rates.

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