Google Cloud Platform and SendGrid together have helped us scale our transactional email throughput as our business grows. We don’t need to worry about the headache of shifting to another platform, taking developer time to migrate, renegotiating a pricing plan, and getting used to using a new platform. I have peace of mind with the knowledge that both SendGrid and GCP can scale with us.


Screen Time Labs is an app that allows parents to set device time limits and monitor usage so their kids can live balanced lives in a digital world. In two years, Screen Time has been downloaded by more than 1 million parents and boasts over 100,000 daily active users. Originally started as a side project by founder Steve Vangasse, Screen Time Labs needed an infrastructure solution and a powerful email tool that could seamlessly and reliably manage the needs of a scaling business. Download the Screen Time Labs case study to see why the Screen Time team chose SendGrid with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for their infrastructure needs.


Originally started as a side project, Screen Time founder Steve Vangasse considered a number of cloud-based partners to meet the architecture demands of a quickly growing business while still working his day job. Screen Time Labs turned to GCP based on its free plan, its ease of integration, and its proven ability to scale, also leveraging the Google App Engine to send a limited amount of email. As Screen Time grew, they knew they needed a powerful email tool to continue to send valuable user communications. Read how Screen Time Labs turned to SendGrid to ensure the scale of its email platform in the full PDF.


Based on a recommendation from GCP support, Screen Time Labs chose SendGrid because it was simple to integrate, proven  to scale, and included a robust analytics platform. “With SendGrid, I have the confidence that email is always up, always delivered. If you hit a monthly quota, you’re not cut off,” says Steve.


In addition to having the confidence of email deliverability, Screen Time Labs also enjoys the robust analytics available with SendGrid. Steve and his team can segment the audience demographically and geographically to see how different emails are performing internationally. “It’s interesting to see how click through rate or volume changes for each audience as we make changes to UI/UX,” Steve says. “You wouldn’t get analytics like this if you spun up your own service.” Download the full PDF to see more details about Screen Time Labs’ results.
Bristol, UK
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