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Learn how SendGrid has helped many leading digital companies solve their email business challenges.


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We chose SendGrid because of their strong ties to the start-up and developer communities, demonstrating their commitment to helping businesses like ours succeed. Our delivery rates have soared to 99% and we now have a sound and reliable email infrastructure with robust email delivery and response reporting. Overall, SendGrid gives us deeper insights into our success rates and can scale with us as we grow. — Brooks Morgan

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Morning Croissant


SendGrid was super easy to implement and our results are amazing. Whereas we used to spend a few hours a week on email management, we no longer have to dedicate any time or resources to the matter. The delivery rates for our newsletter and transactional emails are close to 100% and our bookings are up 50% since we’ve been on the SendGrid platform. — Alix Taffle

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Our application requires that email gets delivered 100% of the time. We used to spend a few hours per week focused on managing our ESP and on peripheral tasks around server maintenance to ensure delivery. Now we spend none. In fact, email delivery and maintenance is completely off our plate. With SendGrid, email is now something we take for granted. — Ross Eltherington

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We use email to drive interest in venture opportunities for everyday angel investors, so it is important for us to make sure those emails are as effective as possible in eliciting a response. Our existing platform didn’t provide the email reporting we needed to optimize our email program. With SendGrid, we were able to integrate with our systems with a few bits of code and get instant access to the email analytics we needed to help entrepreneurs raise money for their startups. — Arno Smit

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Buffalo Studios

When looking for an email solution for our growing business, we compared SendGrid against all of the well-known email providers, and in the end found that SendGrid was the optimal solution for a high-growth start-up like ours. We have found SendGrid to be easy, scalable, cost-effective, and flexible.  — Salim Mitha

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For VivaReal, SendGrid is to email what Google is to search. You expect it to work and just don’t have to think about it. SendGrid is like that. It just works. You don’t have to waste your time talking everyday to the support team. With SendGrid, we can worry about our business and not worry about email. It’s an amazing tool. — Juliana Lima

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We’re super confident that our emails will reach our customers using the SendGrid platform. Our account managers are responsive and performance has exceeded our expectations. Today our delivery and response rates are high and we can focus on building a great destination for pet owners, rather than worrying about email delivery. SendGrid is reliable, affordable and a great tool for anyone who relies on email to drive their business. — Jared Katz

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Our entire application sits on top of SendGrid and they are doing an exceptional job of managing our email infrastructure and delivery needs. Since switching to SendGrid, performance has been outstanding, plus they have an entire team dedicated to email; expertise we couldn’t afford to staff in our organization. With SendGrid, we can focus on our core product because we know that once we hand it off to SendGrid, the process will be flawless and our emails will get delivered. — Paul Reinarz

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Our goal was to find a trustworthy email service. Our experience has shown that SendGrid is a very reliable platform that eliminates all the inherent problems that come with sending email. It’s been over three years now, and SendGrid’s competitive pricing and quality service has convinced us to stick with SendGrid as our company continues to grow and expand. — Mike Polis

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Email is the heart and soul of our business. It drives meaningful connections between our 1,400,000 donors and teachers, and raises millions of dollars for high-need schools across America. We needed to partner with an email service provider that could ensure the delivery of our transactional emails, with minimal engineering overhead, to support the growth of these relationships between citizen donors and hardworking teachers. SendGrid was the only provider that had the email tools, expertise, and platform flexibility to let us put transactional email infrastructure on autopilot so we could fully focus on product and engineering challenges that are unique to our cause. — Oliver Hurst-Hiller

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Our continued growth depends on the ability of both SendGrid and Balihoo to scale and evolve with us. Since becoming a SendGrid customer in 2011, our sending has steadily grown each month from hundreds of emails into the millions through our subusers and across multiple IPs. SendGrid and Twilio have been able to scale alongside us every step of the way. — Matt Long

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