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Learn how SendGrid has helped many leading digital companies solve their email business challenges.

Ez Texting

“SendGrid helped transform us into a more customer-centric business. Armed with the right data, every facet of our department now has the tools and information to tailor their communications to our customers accordingly. Even our customer service is now viewed as a valuable marketing vehicle. Every staff member happily uses SendGrid because it helps them do their jobs more effectively while maximizing the experience for our customers.” — Josh Malin

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Overglowing, LLC

Email drives our business. We’re asking our customers to trust the most the important day of their lives to us. Therefore, we have to make sure every one of our paperless invitations makes it to the inbox. Prior to using SendGrid’s platform, 30% of our emails went undelivered. Now, SendGrid’s platform and team of experts have helped us achieve a 99% delivery rate for our paperless invitations. Given these results, this is truly a match made in heaven between Glö and SendGrid. — Taryn Westberg

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Free Logo Services

Email operations is integral to the success of our business, but it’s not an area in which we want to dedicate an extraordinary amount of time, money and resources. My previous experience with the challenges of managing in — house servers and deliverability highlighted the need to employ outsourced mail services focused solely on the delivery of our messages right from the start. With SendGrid, we found a solution that provides us with the tools and services we need so we can focus on growing the business without distraction. — Craig Bloem

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Reminders will always be at the core of our business, but we ultimately want to help people organize every part of their digital workflow. We didn’t want to require the user to download something, create an account, choose username, or remember a password to use NudgeMail. User expectations for email are set to ‘Immediate.’ Email reminders cannot get lost, or be delayed. For our small team, a third-party email management and delivery system made the most sense. We did a good amount of research, But ultimately, SendGrid was the solution that was most recommended by our colleagues and developers. SendGrid has allowed us to be almost entirely hands-off when managing the ins and outs of our email traffic. — Jeremy Toeman

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IndiGo Car Hire

As a direct result of using SendGrid, our delivery and response metrics doubled leading to a revenue increase of 20%. We now have more time to concentrate on winning more business and delighting our customers instead of worrying about email delivery thanks the stellar team at SendGrid. — Cherie Walker

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SendGrid is a must have for every SaaS app. Without SendGrid, we would have spent unnecessary time and money building and maintaining our own email infrastructure. Now we can focus on building a better product knowing that our email will reach our customers. When contemplating whether to “build or buy,” consider SendGrid. — Deven Patel

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In order optimize the speed and reliability of our cloud emailing functionality we needed a tool that could send out mass email reliably from the cloud servers but did not have time to develop our tool. SendGrid made it easy to extend our offering by providing us with the advanced mailing capabilities and analytics we needed on a client-by client basis. This increased efficiency allows the team to remain focused on our customers and provides opportunities for us to add value throughout the client engagement. — Danny Bluestone

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SendGrid took the weight off of our team of developers so they could concentrate on building out the platform rather than on email deliverability. Plus, the support team is always responsive and knowledgeable about email. Two years later, SendGrid continues to provide immense value for us. It’s a great service at a really great price. — Matt Brown

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With reward fulfillment as an integral part of our business, we wanted to make sure our emails were going out in a timely manner and were being received. SendGrid was able to meet all of our requirements and we were able to see the results. — Anjanette Hill-Mendoza

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Booking Bug

BookingBug logo

Keeping confirmation and reminder emails out of spam folders is absolutely critical to us, our customers and to our customers’ customers. Since moving our email to SendGrid, both our delivery and response rates have dramatically improved. We particularly value our newfound ability to understand our delivery status and the ability for our customer support team to focus on more important business drivers for our company. — Kate Hyslop

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We could build our own email infrastructure, but why? SendGrid provides us with a really great tool that has effectively transformed our email program. Their webhooks, APIs, and overall platform saved us a great deal of time and money. They helped us improve our reputation and resolved our past delivery issues earning us a delivery rate of 99%. Plus, their responsiveness to our needs and questions has made SendGrid a strong ally for the HiringThing team. — Seth MacPherson

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SendGrid helps us deliver on our promise by getting our emails delivered to customer inboxes on time. We now have access to the data and tools we need to ensure our email notifications are being received by our customers and are eliciting a response—all from a pretty slick dashboard. The SendGrid support team is extremely responsive and our conversion rates from the free trial have increased by 12% since making the switch to SendGrid. We’re not only building a strong business with SendGrid’s help, but also saving money and time to boot. — Lucian Daniliuc

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