SendGrid's platform and team of experts have helped us achieve a 99% delivery rate for our paperless invitations.


Modern-minded weddings.Glö (glosite.com) helps couples streamline their wedding planning without sacrificing sophistication. They provide elegant paperless wedding invitations, save the dates and coordinating wedding websites with sophisticated RSVP technology. With Glö, couples can choose from unlimited design options, send unlimited correspondence to their guests and collect RSVPs for unlimited events. Customization options allow users to easily personalize the experience and their proprietary system allows users to create multiple events with different guest lists, track RSVPs, set up their own website and even send complimentary paper invites. Since its inception in 2010, Glö has saved couples over 11,000 hours in planning time, over $48K in stamps, and a lot of trees.


Finding a reliable and scalable system that could handle the growth of their database.While Glö has transformed wedding invitations with sophisticated design templates and robust technology for email distribution, the success of Glö's business model depends on their paperless invitations reaching the inbox of their users' guests. Glö sends over 18,000 emails each month, but about 30% of their email was routinely being undelivered by the ISPs resulting in numerous customer service calls and complaints from their users. While they tried to solve the delivery failures internally, they neither had the time nor the internal expertise to properly diagnose and fix their email deliverability issues. They needed a way to ensure that every paperless invite their customers sent to their guest lists got delivered to the inbox, not the spam folder.


A full service solution that handles deployment and deliverability.Glö scoured the web for email deliverability solutions. Their search turned up two top vendors - one of which was SendGrid. The other had a great reputation in deliverability but their solution was too complex, and geared towards huge organizations who could afford to staff their organizations with deliverability experts to augment their solution. Glö needed a full-service solution that could handle email deployment, manage their email deliverability and serve as their external experts should delivery failures arise. SendGrid became their vendor of choice.


A glöing recommendation: SendGrid is easy, scalable, and it works!Deliverability Made Easy. SendGrid's platform was easy to implement. There were no complex systems and their support team got them up and running quickly with very personalized service. SendGrid's team is also on hand 24/7 to help Glö diagnose, fix and prevent delivery issues on an ongoing basis eliminating the need to staff for deliverability in-house. 99% of Email Delivered to the Inbox. Prior to using SendGrid, 30% of Glö's email routinely went undelivered and user's had no way of knowing if particular emails had bounced or gone unread. With access to SendGrid's robust analytics and tracking tools, Glö has insights into email delivery and recipient action that they never had before. With this intel and the help of SendGrid's support team, they can be proactive in preventing delivery issues before they happen, and take advantage of advanced deliverability tools like whitelisting to improve their email delivery rates, and share delivery status directly with their users. Depending on the mail stream, Glö now enjoys email delivery rates ranging between 90-99%. Less Customer Service Demands. Glö's business model depends on their paperless invitations reaching the inbox. When they didn't, Glö's customer service department would be inundated with questions and complaints. Now customer complaints have been virtually eliminated and moreover, they can now share delivery stats of customers' guest lists. This new level of transparency promotes a level of trust between Glö and its customers, and significantly reduces the number of customer service calls related to email delivery. A Scalable Solution for Future Growth. As Glö continues to build and expand its customer base, they needed a solution that could grow with them. SendGrid's platform is fully scalable supporting companies that send billions of emails per month giving Glö's technology team peace of mind that they made the right decision for long term growth.
Boulder, CO
  • Easy integration with highly scalable email infrastructure
  • 24/7 access to email deliverability experts
  • Improved email deliverability and customer satisfaction
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