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B2B Crowdsourcing Service, Olapic Achieves 95% Delivery Rate with SendGrid

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Email delivery was a pain point that ended up having an easy resolution with SendGrid.


Get Customer Photos on your SiteOlapic is the premier social photo crowdsourcing service providing e-commerce sites, brands and publishers with tools to engage their audience and support a strong community built on photo sharing. Olapic helps companies grow by leveraging the power of data from multiple photo-sharing sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Started in 2010, Olapic now serves clients such as New York Daily News, New York Giants, and Mashable.


Zero visibility into their delivery and response metrics hampered Olapic’s email strategy and performance.Olapic sends 60,000 emails per month, more depending on the client and the season. The majority of these emails are sent in response to user submissions. For example, a newspaper client encourages New York Giants fans who attend live NFL games to send them live photos from the event via email. If selected, their photo will be posted on the news site and users are notified via email of the selection. Since the premise behind Olapic is fan driven, it’s important to let fans know that their photo was selected. This creates a sense of excitement and yields a high level of engagement with the brand. Therefore, email delivery, which is done on behalf of the client, is an important part of their overall value proposition. When they opened their doors, they started using a service provider that provided zero visibility into the delivery and response of their emails. It was only through sending emails to friends and family that they realized that their email sending strategy had serious flaws. Not only did they not have access to any metrics, but they didn’t have an efficient way of understanding what was happening with their email.


A cloud based email solution with robust analytics and whitelabel capabilities.Olapic learned about SendGrid from TechStars and became one of their first clients. SendGrid had the unique ability to integrate with their existing system and handle their specific email requirements including whitelabeling their email streams. Since Olapic sends email on behalf of their clients they needed a provider that could not only accommodate this need, but also ensure delivery of the messages. This was important in preserving the reputation and brand image for each of their clients. Moreover, Olapic needed access to metrics reports that would provide detailed information on campaigns by client and message. This would allow them to test and tweak their communications to improve campaign performance and engagement.


An increase in email delivery and access to unique data by client and campaign.Upon integrating SendGrid, Olapic gained immediate access to the delivery and response metrics for each of their clients. They gained the visibility they needed to implement testing strategies and improve campaign performance such as using subject line testing to increase open and click-through rates. Today, Olapic maintains a high delivery rate of over 95% which translates into a 28% open rate and 15% click through – metrics way above industry averages. And with SendGrid’s 24/7 support team, Olapic doesn’t have to maintain onsite deliverability expertise.
New York, NY
  • Easy integration with highly scalable email infrastructure
  • 24/7 access to email deliverability experts
  • Robust email monitoring and analytics by email campaign
  • Improved email deliverability and customer response