From the beginning, SendGrid has displayed a rare blend of flexibility and reliability that provides the basis for stellar support to our customers.


Nudgespot is a B2B communication app that’s changing the way businesses talk to their customers. The company began after founders witnessed how difficult it is for businesses to send relevant communication across all stages of a customer lifecycle. As a Marketing Solutions partner, Nudgespot has customers of their own that use their product to improve contextual, one-on-one communications at scale with end customers through SMS, push notifications, in-app messages, as well as transactional, marketing, and triggered email. Learn more about how Nudgespot uses SendGrid to power their customers’ email programs in the full case study above.


Triggered email, transactional email, and marketing email form a critical part of Nudgespot’s customers’ communication strategy. Therefore, Nudgespot needed an email solution that provides control over email deliverability, has the ability to send a large volume of email in a timely manner without delay, and grants access to support on customer issues quickly. They also needed a solution that could scale quickly.


Nudgespot was able to use SendGrid's APIs and documentation to integrate in less than a day. SendGrid has provided them with a Customer Success Manager who can help them with any issues in under 24 hours. SendGrid has also helped Nudgespot to scale reliably over the last six months. Read more about why Nudgespot chose to use SendGrid by downloading the full case study.


Since they began using SendGrid, Nudgespot has maintained consistent delivery rates over 99%. For Nudgespot customers like BlueStone.com and Zivame, SendGrid has provided an email solution that powers targeted messages to their end users. BlueStone has begun seeing open rates of 12.2% for marketing emails and up to 29.6% for triggered emails. Zivame is achieving 24.8% average open rates and 15.8% average click through rates. See what types of email these customers are using to engage with their users in the full case study.
Bangalore, India
  • Improves contextual, one-to-one communications at scale
  • Maintains high delivery and open rates
  • Assist companies communicate with end users at scale
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