SendGrid has allowed us to be almost entirely hands-off when managing the ins and outs of our email traffic.


Reminders made easy!NudgeMail is an email based reminder service and task management system that allows users to use the service free of charge and without the hassles of subscribing to the service. Being able to avoid downloads, creating accounts, user names, and remembering passwords NudgeMail allows you to startup right away without the time of signing up. Users simply send an email containing a date or time (for example MondayNudgeMail.com or April15@Nudgemail.com) and their message is sent back to them at the exact time that they specified. "We ultimately want to help people organize every part of their digital workflow." - Jeremy Toeman.


Concentrate on core business tasks while ensuring email reminders reach users.It's imperative that NudgeMail deliver flawless email management. "User expectations for email are set to ‘Immediate,’" Toeman says. Email reminders cannot get lost, or be delayed. NudgeMail needs to be fast and consistent when recognizing commands, setting reminders, and changing preferences. In addition to reliability requirements, NudgeMail didn't want to build an email system from the ground up. They needed a solution that could "hit the ground running" and that required minimal management. The NudgeMail team needed to grow their business, not micromanage email.


Integration with SendGrid ensures maximum deliverability with almost zero maintenance.NudgeMail required integration with two of SendGrid's APIs to accommodate both sides of its service - outgoing email through the Web API and incoming mail via the Parse API. The integration was a relatively painless process. The NudgeMail service effectively lies atop SendGrid's platform, which works behind the scenes and ensures emails are successfully delivered.


Optimizing and increasing email flow.NudgeMail now uses SendGrid for all of its incoming and outgoing mail to its users and has achieved the following results: Easy and Manageable APIs. Through the Web API which enables developers to manage emails lists for bounces, unsubscribes, spam reports and more allows for an increase control over messages. Also the Parse API, which removes attachments from emails and stores them at a special URL creating increased control without increased workload. Saving Valuable Time. Employees do not have to spend any hands-on time managing transaction email delivery. With SendGrid's reliable delivery system that is able to offer the right combinations of speed, scalability and price, NudgeMail is able to allocate time and attention else ware.
San Francisco, CA
  • Fewer delays and "lost" emails
  • Ability to efficiently deliver NudgeMail reminders without building an email system from scratch
  • Easy integration with SendGrid APIs
  • Reliable, tested, third-party service for inbound and outbound email
  • Employees don't spend time managing transactional email delivery
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