Delivery rates are consistently above 99%
Reduction in delivery latency
Engineer required to manage email

Nextdoor is the free and private social network for your community to ask questions, get to know one another, and exchange local advice and recommendations. Since its inception in 2010, Nextdoor has seen incredible growth and today serves more than 138,000 communities.

“While we can now easily connect with those thousands of miles away, we've lost the connection with the community right in front of us—our neighborhood. Nextdoor is helping revive the local community connection and brings people together. Our platform helps you find that last minute babysitter, get a recommendation on a trusted roofer, or simply meet new people with similar interests.”

Alex Karweit Engineering Lead


Nextdoor is the free and private social network for neighborhoods. nextdoor.com


San Francisco, CA


Solutions Used

SendGrid API and SMTP

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Nextdoor uses email as its primary method of notifying users of updates in their neighborhood. When Nextdoor‘s email sending volume grows 50% faster than their member growth, it means Nextdoor needs an email platform that can grow with their needs.

Originally, Nextdoor created an email solution in-house, and then moved to a small email service provider (ESP). Unfortunately, both of these solutions presented a number of challenges:

  • Internal resource drains with 4 full-time engineers keeping the email program afloat.

  • Deliverability problems with messages constantly being delayed or sent twice.

  • Email issues or outages arising without experts to help correct them.


In light of those challenges, Nextdoor re-evaluated what they wanted for their email program, and decided they needed a more reliable, scalable solution that didn’t require so much work from internal engineers.After evaluating several ESPs, Nextdoor chose to partner with SendGrid because:

  • They could rely on SendGrid to deliver their email correctly, allowing Nextdoor to focus engineering effort on improving the product instead of managing email.
  • SendGrid reliably sends over one billion emails a day for thousands of customers, so Nextdoor knows they’re not pushing the envelope of what SendGrid can do.
  • Nextdoor could rely on its SendGrid Customer Success Manager with any issues or questions for email expertise from someone who understands their business.
If you’re going to be sending a lot of email, you can be comfortable that SendGrid can handle the load. SendGrid works, and it works at scale.

Alex Karweit Engineering Lead


Since moving to SendGrid, Nextdoor has more than doubled its customer base, experiencing:

  • Less internal resources required with less than one engineer managing email.
  • Faster, more reliable email delivery with a 95% reduction in latency.
  • Deliverability rates that are consistently above 99%.

SendGrid provides an email solution that works consistently without problems, but should they arise, Nextdoor is now able to contact someone to help troubleshoot.

SendGrid has been instrumental in scaling our email without interruptions. I’m used to working on imperfect systems, so it’s nice to have things just work for me. To have an email provider I can contact with any problems or issues and have them troubleshoot has been really, really valuable.

Hussam Mousa Senior Software Engineer

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