Using SendGrid’s customizable APIs, MySmartPrice has the freedom to fully integrate email with their in-house systems. As a result, they’ve built an impressive email program that’s optimized for their business–enjoying the confidence that comes from having SendGrid’s delivery infrastructure as the backbone.


MySmartPrice is an India-based startup with the goal of providing the best online shopping research and product discovery platform. Founded in 2010, MySmartPrice serves 11 million unique visitors and receives over 20 million monthly website visits. Since email is critical for maintaining long-term customer engagement, MySmartPrice built a custom email management tool on top of SendGrid’s delivery engine, allowing them to achieve whatever capabilities their business requires. To learn more about MySmartPrice's custom email tool, download the MySmartPrice case study.


Customers receiving unwanted email and unsubscribing presents  a huge risk to long-term customer engagement for MySmartPrice. According to Arun Chinnachamy, VP of Engineering at MySmartPrice, “Email is very important for us. We send 50M emails monthly and get 2M customers back...Without email, it’s difficult to get people coming back to us.” Read how MySmartPrice's custom email tools ensures that they are sending to their most engaged users in the full PDF.


MySmartPrice built a custom email management tool on top of SendGrid's scalable delivery infrastructure to meet their unique business needs. With programmatic rules determining email content and frequency, MySmartPrice can predict which products will appeal to users and intelligently adjust promotional content with data from SendGrid’s Event Webhook to avoid fatigue.


MySmartPrice's custom email management tool has enabled MySmartPrice to be incredibly thoughtful about user engagement, sending the right email to the right users at the right frequency. With this email program, MySmartPrice has seen lower unsubscribe rates and improved deliverability rates. Download the full PDF to see more details about MySmartPrice's results.