Multimedium is an agency based near Antwerp, Belgium specializing in web design, mobile app and content management software development, SEO, and social media. Since 2004, Multimedium has launched hundreds of websites for over 300 clients.

CEO Ben Brughmans helps run the collaborative team of designers and developers at Multimedium who advise, support, and build solutions, including email solutions, for their clients.

Multimedium aims to create a rich user experience and a high conversion rate in every single product. Email plays a crucial role in empowering online sales strategies, and remains a powerful tool to engage users in our online applications.

Ben Brughmans CEO


Multimedium is an agency based near Antwerp, Belgium specializing in web design, mobile app and content management software development, SEO, and social media.


Antwerp, Belgium


Solutions Used

SendGrid API and SMTP


Multimedium originally sent their client’s email with an in-house SMTP server, spending precious time and resources managing email. The in-house solution lacked:

  • Administrative functionality to easily manage email for different clients.
  • Insight into metrics to track the performance of their client’s email campaigns.
  • Reliability and scalability needed to confidently grow email as their business grew.

Instead of building administrative and reporting functionality to continue to manage email in-house (spending even more time and resources), Ben and his team decided to search for an external email provider to solve their email needs.


During their research, Ben and his team came across SendGrid and were immediately impressed with how easy it would be to integrate with SendGrid and start sending emails. With SendGrid Multimedium benefited from:

  • The ability to whitelabel and easily manage clients with account management tools, enabling Ben and his team to manage clients from one central location.
  • Visibility into email performance with key metrics available to clients in real-time.
  • Confidence that SendGrid’s proven platform could be trusted to handle Multimedium’s email workload as volume grew.


Multimedium has been bringing SendGrid’s email solutions to their clients since 2011. “In all our years using SendGrid, we’ve rarely had any issues with email,” says Ben. “It just works.”

Client Use Case: Restaurant Booking Platform

Multimedium built a web application for a restaurant booking platform. In that platform, email is a critical channel used to drive several customer interactions, including:

  • Confirmation messages and reminders for lunch or dinner,
  • Guest invitations to try new restaurants,
  • Emails gathering customer feedback after their dining experience, and more.

With SendGrid, Multimedium’s client experienced an increase in its delivery rate – up to 97%. Multimedium’s client also gains digestible statistics revealing that 10% of consumers engage and provide a feedback score on the platform, enriching the experience for both consumers and platform users.

Client Use Case: Online Shop for Gardening tools

Multimedium also integrated SendGrid into a webshop for gardening tools.

With SendGrid’s data dashboards, every email sent in the webshop can be easily tracked. When Multimedium’s client received complaints from their customers about not receiving password reset messages, Multimedium could easily search for potential mail issues with a detailed backend.

“By using SendGrid, we were able to assure our client that everything was and is working as it should be. We could point out that every email was being sent, and work with them to troubleshoot further details,” says Ben.

Bottom Line

SendGrid is a perfect fit for Multimedium’s email program as an agency because of its:

  • Account management tools. SendGrid’s powerful administrative features allow agencies to guide clients so that they get the most out of their email program.
  • Analytics. SendGrid’s real-time email analytics dashboards empower teams to make quick, well-informed decisions.
  • Scalability. With deliverability proven at scale for customers like Spotify and AirBnb, you can depend on SendGrid to grow with your email program.
SendGrid saves us a great deal of time, improves conversion rates and engagement for our clients, and continues to ensure that email scales as our client’s online products scale.

Ben Brughmans CEO

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