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Delivery rate for their newsletter
Delivery rate for transactional emails
Increase in bookings by switching to SendGrid

MorningCroissant is a marketplace for short-term rentals in France for leisure and business travelers. They help connect travelers with local homeowners boasting unique accommodations that will improve the quality of their travel experience.


MorningCroissant is a marketplace for accommodation rentals up to 1 year.


Paris, France


Solutions Used

SendGrid API and SMTP

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MorningCroissant relies on email to help local homeowners in France communicate with travelers looking to book their homes for vacation or business trips. Emails are sent to check availability, confirm bookings, modify reservations, and highlight accommodations. If emails are not received, guests and hosts are not able to complete their transactions, making for a poor customer experience and lost revenue. MorningCroissant sends approximately 20,000 emails per month.

Before SendGrid, they used their own servers to send system emails and a free email service provider to send their newsletters, but both failed to deliver their messages with 30% being caught in spam filters. Furthermore, they had very little data about their system emails to help troubleshoot the delivery failures, so they needed to find a solution fast to eliminate customer complaints and increase revenues.



After investigating their options, MorningCroissant was impressed by SendGrid’s reputation, client roster, and online documentation. Integration was easy and only took a few hours to complete. They also found that SendGrid could support their need to ensure that emails were stored and posted within their platform.

This enabled users to keep a running record of their communications. Once they started to deploy, they immediately had access to reports and analytics that gave them insights into the success of their email program.



Today, MorningCroissant’s delivery rate is 98.6% for their newsletter and 99.5% for their transactional emails. Due to switching to SendGrid, MorningCroissant’s number of bookings increased by 50%.

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