Memeo is a Silicon Valley-based software and services company focused on providing data management services to consumer, small business and enterprise customers. Founded in 2003, Memeo provides easy-to-use backup, sync and sharing solutions to simplify the protection and accessibility of valuable data. Memeo has 22 million customers and has shipped over 70 million software licenses to more than 150 countries in 20 languages. In 2014, Memeo’s products, solutions and core team were acquired by UNICOM Global.


Memeo is a software and services provider facilitating data management tools and services for small and medium businesses.


Santa Clara, CA


Solutions Used

SendGrid API and SMTP

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Previously, Memeo used a major Email Service Provider for their email streams, but experienced limitations around dynamic email elements and the number of templates they could use. The nature of their email program required the use of hundreds of different templates, so this caused a major hurdle for them.

To help maintain their systems, their Email Service Provider also required that Memeo host dedicated servers in their own data centers, which resulted in Memeo’s resources being further taxed. That coupled with Memeo’s increasing volume caused them to experience significant delivery and blacklisting issues. This limited their ability to grow their business and to confidently bring their new email-reliant product to market.



Memeo needed a more reliable and scalable solution that could not only support their existing business, but also serve as the backbone for Memeo C1. Memeo C1 relies on email for the delivery of account creation and validation notices, company-wide activity and data usage stats, and security alerts. Without the delivery of these emails, the value proposition of Memeo C1 would be lost. They also required the ability to monitor client email activity, track deliverability, and grant permissions to client users.



Memeo was referred to SendGrid by their former employee. They found that it was easy to integrate with SendGrid by using their online documentation and were up and running within a couple of hours. Using a fully hosted solution has eliminated the need to maintain their own servers, and since partnering with SendGrid, they have experienced no blacklisting issues. Memeo used SendGrid for the launch of Memeo C1, and they now have a delivery rate of 93%.

Our application requires that email gets delivered 100% of the time. We used to spend a few hours per week focused on managing our ESP and on peripheral tasks around server maintenance to ensure delivery. Now we spend none. In fact, email delivery and maintenance is completely off our plate. With SendGrid, email is now something we take for granted.

Ross Eltherington VP of Operations

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