HiringThing is a startup that makes finding new talent easier for small to medium sized businesses by reducing the time hiring managers spend on posting and managing resumes.

Their online tools streamline the hiring process by providing a rich interface that lets you post and advertise listings across the internet, rank applications, integrate screening questions, and track and route applicant resumes throughout your organization.


HiringThing is cloud-based software with integrated tools that helps companies post jobs online, manage applicants and hire employees. hiringthing.com


Portland, OR


Solutions Used

SendGrid API and SMTP

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HiringThing sends a variety of transactional emails to both applicants and hiring companies. These include “thanks, but no thanks” emails, weekly activity and status emails, and weekly career opportunity emails for applicants.

Like most successful startups, they suffered the same fate of rapid customer growth — poor delivery with increased email volume. Prior to using SendGrid, HiringThing rolled out their own SMTP server on an Amazon stack. However, as their email volume grew, they realized that they could no longer manage their own email infrastructure without dedicating significant resources to its maintenance.

They needed a more reliable service as well as access to deliverability expertise to ensure customers received their messages. Since email deliverability is important to the overall success of their platform, they had a few requirements when selecting an email vendor:

  • First, the solution had to provide the tools and services to help manage their email deliverability. Their delivery rate was steadily declining and they did not have the tools to manage their reputation. The ability to outsource that function was critical to their bottom line because as a startup, hiring for this position was not an option.
  • Second, the application had to support sub-users and white labeling because they provide the ability for customers to deploy their own email through their system. Reliability was key to maintaining their own reputation with their customers.
  • Lastly, the system had to integrate with their systems. They required the ability for all email communications to be logged and managed from within their own platform.



HiringThing selected SendGrid as their vendor of choice because of its scalability and ability to meet their key requirements, but wanted to test it out before fully committing.

The test was a success and with the help of the SendGrid team, HiringThing was able to cure the issues with their email deliverability by:

  • Sending on a new IP which they warmed up to build a good reputation.
  • Segmenting their marketing and transactional email streams to better monitor email effectiveness within the channel.
  • Leveraging SendGrid APIs to remove complainers and fully integrate their system with SendGrid.



Today, HiringThing uses the Parse API to forward all email responses to and from their tool via a Webhook which allows them to integrate over 10,000 ongoing conversations between their customers and their clients on their website. Consequently, their customers can have a running record of their correspondence.

Additionally, HiringThing uses the Event API to help manage their deliverability. Now they can proactively analyze spam complaints and blocks and prevent delivery failures. Furthermore, they can easily identify abusers of their tool who want to use their job board to spam customers. With bounce monitoring they can quickly see the tire-kickers and identify illegitimate accounts. They also automatically remove complainers and hard bounces from their email file. This practice helps HiringThing maintain the integrity of the service.

SendGrid also helped them resolve a series of issues around DKIM set up, DNS entries, and feedback loops that they were unable to resolve on their own. The result is a 99% delivery rate and thousands of happy customers.


We could build our own email infrastructure, but why? SendGrid provides us with a really great tool that has effectively transformed our email program. Their webhooks, APIs, and overall platform saved us a great deal of time and money. They helped us improve our reputation and resolved our past delivery issues earning us a delivery rate of 99%. Plus, their responsiveness to our needs and questions has made SendGrid a strong ally for the HiringThing team.

Seth MacPherson Lead Developer

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