Haulix provides online music promotion software for industry professionals and their media contacts. With Haulix publicists can easily create branded web pages, manage press contacts, send email invitations and protect their musical assets with powerful watermarking technology.

Haulix is quickly becoming a leader in the online promotion market. Haulix has seen consistent growth each quarter with hundreds of thousands of promotional tracks downloaded and streamed each month. Haulix is now the top choice for record labels, publicity firms and artists all over the world.


Haulix provides online music promotion software for industry professionals and their media contacts. haulix.com


Minneapolis, Minnesota


Solutions Used

SendGrid API and SMTP

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Haulix’s business strategy relies on email to send invitations on behalf of their customers. Using Haulix’s email platform, customers invite their contacts to stream and download their music. Artists, PR firms and industry professionals rely on this service to pre-release music to the media in hopes of generating awareness and buzz. Media contacts rely on the receipt of these emails to discover and report on new music.As such, the material is time sensitive in nature and needs to reach recipients on time and as expected. Haulix caught on rapidly, serving customers from all over the world. Soon, Haulix was sending over 1,000,000 time sensitive emails per year. However, the free mail server system supporting their email program couldn’t scale with their business nor was it properly equipped to handle the email deliverability issues that were suddenly plaguing them. In response, Haulix developers were spending an inordinate amount of time trying to diagnose and fix ongoing delivery problems, and spending less time developing the service.


Low delivery rates followed by customer complaints and a need to streamline developer resources prompted Haulix to seek out a more reliable and effective service. They offered their customers a great deal of control over their email streams, but realized this could be the source of some of their delivery problems. Moreover, they needed to be more proactive and prevent problems before they happened. That required internal deliverability expertise that they didn’t have, nor wanted to employ.

When they initially discovered SendGrid – an outsourced mail server that specialized in email deliverability – they were surprised to find such a comprehensive service and decided to give it a try.



Haulix easily integrated SendGrid into their existing web application within a couple of hours. With access to robust analytics, Haulix could see their delivery rates and keep a sharp eye on their response, spam and bounce metrics. They also rely on SendGrid’s live chat support to provide fast, instant feedback.

Two and half years later, Haulix has experienced no major delivery issues and continues to maintain a 95% delivery rate backed by a 98% positive reputation with internet service providers.

SendGrid took the weight off of our team of developers so they could concentrate on building out the platform rather than on email deliverability. Plus, the support team is always responsive and knowledgeable about email. Two years later, SendGrid continues to provide immense value for us. It’s a great service at a really great price.

Matt Brown CEO

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