The plans and strategies provided from the consulting session were easily digestible and helpful. If you’re engaging with SendGrid as a OEM, especially as long as I have, you’ve probably been praying for something like Email Delivery Services for years and are ecstatic this is finally available...I will pay someone for the opportunity to talk about this!


Happy Grasshopper is an automated email marketing platform that provides businesses and entrepreneurs the ability to automatically keep in touch with their contacts. Happy Grasshopper enables its clients to convert more leads, get more referrals, and meet  customer recruiting goals through an optimized email follow-up process.  As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partner since its founding in 2010, Happy Grasshopper has used SendGrid’s to send email nurture and new customer acquisition campaigns on behalf of thousands of clients in the US and Canada. Download the Happy Grasshopper case study to learn how Happy Grasshopper optimized its email program over time by leveraging SendGrid Expert Services.


Happy Grasshopper realized that many ISPs have implemented or are the process of implementing a DMARC strict policy to better protect sender domain reputations. Because this change could place many of Happy Grasshopper’s clients personal email domain reputations at risk, the team realized it had to address this issue but wasn’t sure of the extent or the severity this issue would have upon its clients.  In addition, due to Happy Grasshopper’s initial implementation with SendGrid as an OEM customer, Happy Grasshopper was also experiencing a drop in its inbox delivery rate, and was having difficulty identifying which clients were impacting this drop. Read how Happy Grasshopper worked with SendGrid Expert Services to receive actionable strategies that addressed these issues in the full PDF.


SendGrid’s email delivery consultants provided actionable insight into Happy Grasshopper’s email challenges. In addition to finding a solution for the over 800 Happy Grasshopper clients that would be affected by the DMARC strict policy change, Sendgrid’s email experts created a new traffic segmentation strategy for Happy Grasshopper to ensure sender reputations for its clients were not affecting Happy Grasshopper’s reputation.


Now up-to-date with the always changing email and ISP landscape, Happy Grasshopper was able to educate its customers and demonstrate its value as an email marketing expert. Armed with this knowledge, Happy Grasshopper has achieved very high email engagement rates and made several changes to its email policies, driving business growth for them and their clients. Download the full PDF to see more details about Happy Grasshopper’s results.
Safety Harbor, FL
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