GetQuanty is a B2B predictive scoring solution which analyzes the behavior of website, blog, social, and email visitors in real time and automatically adjusts digital marketing campaigns. Founded in 2011 in Paris, the startup now serves hundreds of customers in France including Jabra, Toshiba, and Business France.  

Xavier Paulik is the Co-Founder and Associate Director of GetQuanty, ensuring that their technical and product vision is scalable and aligns with customer goals.

Email has a strong impact on growth for ourselves and our customers. A large part of maintaining a relationship is regular communications, and email is a very low cost channel to send targeted messages.

Xavier Paulik Co-Founder and Associate Director


GetQuanty is a B2B predictive scoring solution which analyzes the behavior of website, blog, social, and email visitors in real time.


Paris, France


Solutions Used

SendGrid API and SMTP


When GetQuanty first launched, Xavier considered a number of cloud-based infrastructure partners. GetQuanty turned to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) based on its:

  • Stability and reliability. “A few weeks ago there was a major outage in France affecting millions of websites. I was happy we were on GCP! With GCP, I’m confident that I won’t have any stability issues as we grow,” says Xavier.
  • Real-time flexibility of Cloud Datastore, which seamlessly scales with GetQuanty. “Everything we do results in a structured database. We provide real-time data services and with GCP, we have infrastructure with no limits.”
  • Additional resources to accelerate growth and infrastructure. “As a startup, we need to focus our resources on building product. GCP offers a low cost of human resources. We can provide professional services without a large DevOps team.”

At first, GetQuanty sent emails through an open-source marketing solution. As GetQuanty grew, they needed a powerful, more stable email partner to continue sending user communications.


Seeking an email partner that would be tightly integrated with GCP, Xavier found SendGrid on the GCP Marketplace. SendGrid offered:

  • Easy integration with detailed documentation so Xavier and his team could be up and running within minutes.
  • Deliverability and scale so that Xavier can focus on his product instead of managing a growing email program.
  • Opportunities for growth abroad
We’re scaling and starting to serve customers outside of France. Having an international email service is a good asset because I’m confident it will work everywhere. I’m looking forward to using SendGrid years from now.

Xavier Paulik Co-Founder and Associate Director


With SendGrid, Xavier and his team have confidence in their email program. “I don’t want to spend much time managing email and with SendGrid, I don’t have to worry about it. SendGrid is saving me time and money because it just works,” says Xavier.

Additionally, the team leveraged SendGrid’s flexible APIs and Event Webhook to build an email solution within the GetQuanty platform for customers to send retargeting campaigns. “This is a great opportunity to provide value to customers,” says Xavier.

Bottom Line

SendGrid and GCP are a perfect fit for GetQuanty because they are:

  • Easy to integrate. SendGrid and GCP are straightforward and quick to set up so that you can get back to building products people love.
  • Stable and reliable. Xavier has confidence in the high-performance, global infrastructure of SendGrid and GCP to power his business.
  • Scalable. Proven at scale, SendGrid and GCP’s platforms are capable of handling GetQuanty’s infrastructure needs as it grows.
Google Cloud Platform and SendGrid offer a unique combination of scalability, availability, and simplicity of integration for startups like us. We really appreciate having both platforms seamlessly pre-integrated. It saved us time and money, and gave us an immediate competitive advantage on the market.

Xavier Paulik Co-Founder and Associate Director

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