Logomix is a web-based self-service marketing and branding platform that enables businesses to make a logo, business card, or custom marketing product such as a pen, polo, or sign. Logomix gives companies around the world the tools to brand their business through their websites LogoMix.com, FreeLogoServices.com, PrintingNow.com, and through partner applications using ADP and Google Apps for Work with LogoMix Enterprise.

Free Logo Services is a logo maker platform helping businesses quickly and cost-effectively create professional logos in minutes, without the assistance of a professional designer. Over 800,000 people each month trust Free Logo Services to help them put a professional face on their company. Their high‐quality custom logos have appeared in every country throughout the world and on everything from company letterheads and business cards to billboards and signs.


LogoMix enables businesses around the world to create and purchase custom marketing products. www.logomix.com/


Boston, MA


Solutions Used

SendGrid API and SMTP

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Before Free Logo Services opened their doors in September 2011, they immediately understood the importance email had on the success of their business model. Founder Craig Bloem’s experience buying and selling SaaS based businesses coupled along with his extensive sales and marketing background provided him with a unique understanding of email operations and the critical factors underpinning its overall effectiveness.

For Craig, Free Logo Services was no different than his previous ventures. Their focus on customer satisfaction was particularly important. Customers would rely on the receipt of their emails to confirm their accounts, receive notifications, and reminders, obtain login credentials and design tips, and to share logo creations with friends and colleagues.


Craig relied on his previous experience with email operations and deliverability as the VP of Business Development and Marketing at BuyerZone and as the Co Founder and VP of Marketing and Business Development at Performable, a marketing automation company he sold to HubSpot. In order to avoid the long term challenges associated with sending email in-house, Craig decided to address Free Logo Services’ email infrastructure with an outsourced solution from the onset.

Despite using SendGrid successfully before, Craig performed his due diligence when searching for an email solution for the company. After investigating various ESPs, standalone email deliverability providers and similar mail server solutions, he decided that SendGrid was in fact the best fit for his new company.

The team was impressive and the platform was both scalable and easy to integrate with their current systems. Moreover, it was the most cost-effective solution that matched their long term goals yet would support them as an early stage start‐up.


Free Logo Services launched with SendGrid in place as their email infrastructure solution of choice. They have complete visibility into their email analytics from deliverability to response and a hands‐on service team to help troubleshoot and fix any issues. Moreover, they have a partner that could scale as rapidly as they do.

With over 800,000 small businesses making a logo design, Free Logo Services easily sends about 400,000 emails per month – all of which reach their customers without fail.

Today, Free Logo Services is focused on customer services and building a better platform. As they continue to add more designs and features and build partnerships, their product and engineering resources are wholly focused on strategically building a better web application rather than the mundane tasks of email operations.

Email operations is integral to the success of our business, but it’s not an area in which we want to dedicate an extraordinary amount of time, money and resources. My previous experience with the challenges of managing in‐house servers and deliverability highlighted the need to employ outsourced mail services focused solely on the delivery of our messages right from the start. With SendGrid, we found a solution that provides us with the tools and services we need so we can focus on growing the business without distraction.

Craig Bloem Founder and CEO

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