FamilyPet is a strategic marketing company within the pet industry providing great resources for pet owners and businesses in the United States. The FamilyPet network consists of several pet-focused sites including, pet matching service,, and daily deals site,


FamilyPet focuses on providing a resourceful and convenient destination for pet owners looking for high-quality pet care services.


Great Neck, NY


Solutions Used

SendGrid API and SMTP

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The FamilyPet network sends up to 20 million emails per month with 500,000 emails sent daily to their daily deals customers alone. From marketing newsletters and promotional email to a series of transactional messages that include subscription confirmations, order confirmations, and shipping notifications, FamilyPet is a high volume sender that relies on emails reaching the inbox in order to convert customers. Additionally, their partners rely on FamilyPet to connect them via email with new customers who are inquiring about their services, as with pet matching service,

To keep their customer promise, FamilyPet needed a strong email infrastructure and delivery system that could ensure inbox delivery for their mail streams. When they first launched email marketing in 2011, they contracted with a major email service provider, but soon found that the ESP wasn’t providing great value for the money. Financially, the cost of using the ESP exceeded their revenue and from an operational standpoint, they weren’t provided with the proper onboarding and support required for successful delivery of their emails. In the end, they were paying a lot of money for their emails to end up in the spam folder.



FamilyPet knew they needed a new provider, one that was more affordable and more flexible, and was also scalable enough to match their growth trajectory. After evaluating several providers, SendGrid proved to be the best partner for the job, even providing APIs to help them build and customize an email system that would best fit their needs. Perhaps most importantly, SendGrid’s pricing structure and support services ensured that FamilyPet could deliver a better customer experience for their users and partners.



FamilyPet was still under contract with their ESP when they made the decision to switch to SendGrid. Under the advisement of the SendGrid email deliverability team, they put a plan in place to start rebuilding their sender reputation under a new SendGrid-based IP address.

Two months before ending the relationship with the ESP, FamilyPet warmed up their new IP on the SendGrid servers by splitting their customer base between SendGrid and the ESP. In the meantime, they used the Event WebHook and the SMTP API to fully integrate SendGrid with their systems.

When their contract with the other ESP ended, the new SendGrid IP had earned a stellar reputation and delivery rates skyrocketed. Moreover, they reduced their email costs and were able to build an email system that can scale as they grow.


We’re super confident that our emails will reach our customers using the SendGrid platform. Our account managers are responsive and performance has exceeded our expectations. Today our delivery and response rates are high and we can focus on building a great destination for pet owners, rather than worrying about email delivery. SendGrid is reliable, affordable and a great tool for anyone who relies on email to drive their business.

Jared Katz President/Co-Founder

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