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90% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know.Extole is a leading SaaS-based Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) Social Marketing Platform for brands to tap into the power of customer advocates to drive measurable marketing results through social word of mouth. With Extole-powered social referrals, promotions, and analytics, brands can drive advocacy, amplify awareness and acquire new high-value customers, while gaining insight into customer behavior and advocates. Extole powers social referrals for over 250 brands across Retail, eCommerce, Media, Technology, Entertainment, Automotive, and more.


Explosive growth requires a third party solution to keep up with the changing landscape of email deliverability.To support its business model, Extole had initially built and managed its own proprietary email system, but as its business grew and demands increased, Extole was looking for an email provider with extended functionality to track and manage its email streams, particularly its reward fulfillment services, which are a critical part of its business. More specifically, Extole wanted the capability to monitor its email deliverability by individual ISPs and the ability to efficiently troubleshoot delivery failures and adapt its system to readily conform to ISP changes in rules and regulations. Given its growth trajectory, Extole needed to focus on its core competency, its suite of social marketing programs and promotions, making it necessary to partner with a third party to deploy, track, and monitor its reward fulfillment email streams and stay on top of the constantly changing rules and best practices around email. "In order to better serve our rapidly growing customer base, we were looking for an efficient and reliable way to deliver our reward fulfillment services,” said Anjanette Hill-Mendoza, Senior Director of Customer Success at Extole. “Instead of hiring someone internally to manage this aspect of our business, we chose to partner with SendGrid. SendGrid’s platform seamlessly integrated with ours, making the transition from our proprietary system to theirs painless."


Two simple steps combine the power of SendGrid and Extole’s email systems.SendGrid integrated its platform into Extole’s existing email system to support the backend management gaps. In this way, Extole’s system would continue to handle data segmentation, queuing, and scheduling emails while SendGrid’s platform provided the transport system for delivery and backend management. Next, SendGrid moved Extole over to a series of dedicated IP addresses so it could build a strong reputation based on its good sending behavior. This would allow Extole to segment its mailstreams and monitor its email deliverability based on the types of emails Extole was sending and on a campaign by campaign basis.


SendGrid integration provides access to deliverability expertise, ISPs and reporting.Reputation Management & Deliverability Expertise. Instead of augmenting its staff with email and IT experts, Extole gained access to a team of email deliverability experts who would actively help identify potential delivery failures before it negatively affected its mailstreams. Multiple IP Address Support: SendGrid not only moved Extole to a dedicated IP address, but also provided its customers with dedicated IP addresses for mailing streams and referrals – a move that helped optimize email deliverability for rewards and fulfillment across its client base. ISP Mediation & Outreach. SendGrid’s relationships with the ISPs provide Extole with unique access to information that helped improve its email delivery rates. For instance, when an ISP changes its requirements, SendGrid alerts Extole giving it the opportunity to make the appropriate adjustments and remain in compliance. Advanced Reporting Capabilities. SendGrid’s platform provides a robust set of analytics that helps Extole track delivery rates, bounces, repeat bounces, and spam reports. Coupled with its own email tracking system, Extole now has access to the level of data it needed to optimize its reward and fulfillment email campaigns.
San Francisco, CA
  • Improved email deliverability and customer response
  • Improved ISP relations and faster resolution time for issues
  • Support for dedicated IP addresses for Extole’s customers
  • Integration of robust delivery and analytical reporting to Extole’s existing email system
  • Recognized cost savings in time, money and resources
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