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Online Business Intelligence Platform, Cyfe Saves Money by Choosing SendGrid Instead of Building Their Own Solution

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SendGrid is a must have for every SaaS app. When contemplating whether to 'build or buy,' consider SendGrid.


The All-In-One Business Dashboard.Cyfe helps businesses better manage their data and analytics using their online business intelligence dashboard. Cyfe makes it easier for small businesses, agencies and larger corporations to analyze marketing effectiveness across all channels. With Cyfe, you can easily monitor and share all of your vital business data from one single location in real-time. Cyfe aggregates all of your online services using custom widgets for search, email, social, feeds and business services. Users can monitor individual departments or multiple websites, pull in pre-built connections or custom data sources and share real-time reports from one simple interface. With dozens of widgets that include Google Analytics, AdSense, Wordpress, Facebook, Twitter, Freshbooks and more, gathering valuable business intelligence has never been easier.


Rapid customer growth lead to delivery challenges with their email infrastructure.Cyfe launched in January 2012 and quickly acquired over 5,000 active users. Their rapid growth exposed some challenges with their current email system which they needed to remedy fast. As a new service, they were easily sending over 20,000 emails per month in the form of sign up confirmations, activations, thank you messages, support tickets and promotional emails, but many users failed to receive these messages. As a subscription based service, Cyfe relies on customers receiving their email to activate their service, promote usage and to upsell to higher fee based plans. Cyfe found that their current server lacked the sophistication necessary to properly manage the growth of their email program and follow the email best practices required for optimum email deliverability. If they were to keep everything in-house, Cyfe would need to hire an email deliverability expert and dedicate valuable time and engineering resources to building their own solution. Ideally, Cyfe needed an outsourced solution that could easily scale with their business, do all the heavy lifting and allow them to focus on enhancing their web application. More specifically, they needed an affordable SMTP relay service that they could simply plug into their current infrastructure without any of the usual headaches. However, they didn’t think this type of solution existed so they made the hard decision to build their own email infrastructure.


Easy integration, dashboard analytics and improved deliverability served as proof of concept.As Cyfe started planning the build, they learned of SendGrid through an online referral network. When they saw their feature list and read through the recommendations, they immediately stalled plans to build their own infrastructure and decided to test it out as proof of concept. Cyfe found SendGrid easy to use and easy to integrate. Their SMTP relay allowed Cyfe to integrate in minutes, not weeks like the other platforms. Access to their dashboard provided precise analytics on deliverability and response that they could even integrate into their own dashboard system. Plus, access to their customer support team provided an expert resource for Cyfe to turn to should delivery problems arise. As such, Cyfe decided to stick with SendGrid.


Purchasing SendGrid was faster and more cost effective than building their own solution.When considering their "build vs. buy" scenario, using SendGrid was the more cost effective long term solution. Projected costs to building their own infrastructure was twice as muchas using SendGrid plus countless man hours in maintenance. And in doing so, Cyfe would have had to assign key resources away from product development towards email. With the SendGrid, platform, Cyfe was up and running in no time and has a full-scale email infrastructure that delivers their email on time and as promised.
Framingham, MA
  • Easy integration with highly scalable email infrastructure.
  • Improved email deliverability and customer response.
  • Recognized cost savings in time, money and resources.