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Award Winning Digital Agency, Cyber-Duck Benefits from Cloud Email Efficiencies with SendGrid

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SendGrid made it easy to extend our offering by providing us with reliable mass emailing capabilities for Cloud SaaS projects.


Award Winning Digital AgencyCyber-Duck is a leading UK based digital agency with a world- class reputation, working with global brands including The European Union, Imperial Tobacco Plc and Arsenal FC. Cyber- Duck’s core services are Web & Mobile Production, SaaS Technology, UX Consultancy, Branding and Marketing. The agency uses UCD (User Centred Design) and Scrum as its main processes for delivering successful projects. Their user centric approach combined with Agile processes has positioned Cyber-Duck as a leader in producing responsive / adaptive web design and custom SaaS. To that end, Cyber- Duck has won some of the most sought after industry awards including Webby Awards, the Construction Marketing Awards, the Davey Awards, the Communicator Awards, the Interactive Media Awards, and the W3 Awards.


Cyber-Duck needed an effective email distribution system that works hand in hand with cloud hosting while providing cutting edge email reporting.Cyber-Duck produces custom Web Portals with SaaS capabilities and also develops bespoke web applications. Most of these portals and web apps need to send out tens of thousands of emails per month via cloud hosting services. After deploying more websites and applications onto the cloud, Cyber-Duck realized that they could not rely on default mailing capabilities of the cloud servers as some of the mail was distrusted by spam lists/gateways. At the time, Cyber-Duck also needed a mechanism to keep track of these emails so clients could be billed accordingly.


A scalable infrastructure to reliably send out email via the cloud with a centralized dashboard to provide real-time usage data.Cyber-Duck decided to search for a cloud based email solution to supplement their core systems. Since they utilize a variety of PHP frameworks including Laravel, CodeIgniter and Symphony, the selected platform had to boast simple integration, support a centralized dashboard to track all client data, and allow for customization and scalability as they grew. They also needed a provider who could mirror their core values as they wanted to maintain the high levels of service customers were accustomed to from Cyber-Duck. After analyzing a series of popular solutions, Cyber-Duck decided to try Rackspace’s partner, SendGrid. As a Rackspace customer, they had the opportunity to send up to 40,000 emails per month at no charge. Using SendGrid’s online documentation, Cyber-Duck integrated SendGrid with their servers using the SMTP relay in under one hour.


Faster and better emailing capabilities from a variety of custom SaaS and bespoke web portals hosted on the cloud with enhanced tracking.Using SendGrid was a real success. Cyber-Duck’s clients quickly enjoyed the superior email delivery functionality. With a bit of customization to identify client email streams through categorization, the Cyber-Duck dashboard now provides access to robust analytics which the team uses to quickly communicate delivery issues, and provide real-time counsel to clients on email usage and campaigns. As a direct result of the increased visibility into their clients’ email analytics, Cyber-Duck has improved its level of customer communication and responsiveness. With clients’ data at their fingertips, they can focus their time on more strategic tasks that drive customer loyalty and retention. Consequently, clients now share a mutual confidence in knowing that their emails will achieve optimum deliverability.
United Kingdom
  • Improved email deliverability from the Cloud
  • Easy integration with highly scalable email infrastructure
  • Robust email monitoring and analytics by email campaign