We particularly value our newfound ability to understand our delivery status and the ability for our customer support team to focus on more important business drivers for our company.


The Complete Scheduling and Booking SystemBookingBug is the only real-time distributed online reservation system that works for all business types; whether you take bookings by the hour, day, or week, or run events, classes, or courses. BookingBug provides the online booking, appointment, and inquiry capabilities for thousands of businesses worldwide in a diverse range of industries including health, beauty, sports, fitness, accommodation, events, courses, classes, space hire, services, trades, and more.


Poor delivery and lack of visibility into metrics led to increased customer support calls.BookingBug is more than an online booking and reservation tool, it is a communication platform for customers to engage with new and existing clients and to increase usage of the tool to manage and market their businesses. Email is a huge part of driving the platform’s success in the eyes of the customer. Users rely on email to confirm appointments, send reminders, nurture customer relationships, and promote their offerings. BookingBug sends well over 100,000 emails per month on behalf of their customers, with that number increasing month over month. However, as their email volume grew, they started to experience delivery failures causing customers to complain that emails were not reaching customers. This had serious customer service implications since their specialists had to spend valuable time investigating delivery problems—an area that was not their specialty. Moreover, resolution was hard to achieve since they had no clear metrics by which to evaluate their email program.


A reliable cloud-based email solution that is scalable, affordable, and metrics driven.BookingBug realized that they needed to look for a cloud-based email solution that provided the following must-have benefits:
  • Scalability: Their user base and email volume grows monthly.
  • Reliability: 24/7 access is an important benefit to the business.
  • Metrics: The ability to understand delivery and response metrics helps the marketing and support team answer questions and nurture customer relationships.
  • Affordability: As a growing start-up, BookingBug needs to keep costs down, while maximizing opportunities.
  • Deliverability Expertise: The BookingBug staff are experts in their application, not email, and need a trusted partner that can navigate the email landscape.
Customer support and IT worked together to find the right solution. That solution turned out to be SendGrid.


Improved delivery, response, and customer satisfaction.To their surprise, BookingBug found transitioning from their previous supplier and integrating with SendGrid to be easy. They immediately implemented the whitelabel functionality so they could seamlessly brand and deploy emails on behalf of their customers. Once they started sending with SendGrid, emails were no longer blocked by ISPs, and their delivery rate jumped to almost 97%. Moreover, SendGrid’s reporting and analytics gave them valuable insights into customer interaction that was previously unavailable with their old provider. They are now looking at ways to offer more of SendGrid’s functionality and APIs to enhance the customer experience.
London, UK
  • Easy integration with highly scalable email infrastructure
  • Robust email monitoring and analytics by email campaign
  • Improved email deliverability and customer response
  • Recognized cost savings in time, money, and resources
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