Balihoo is the leading local marketing automation software provider helping national brands improve and scale local marketing efforts. Balihoo transforms the way national brands execute campaigns, providing the consistency and high profile of the national brand, and the personal feel and impact of local marketing.


Balihoo’s platform integrates audience, market, and local data, empowering brands to automate and activate thousands of locally relevant campaigns, with speed and at scale. National brands select the exact combination of channels that is right for their industry and business. Through the platform, national brands can activate local marketing products and channels like local websites, email campaigns, search engine marketing, and direct mail. Balihoo supports brands like Aflac, Kohler, Geico, and New Balance by connecting consumers to local brand locations near them.


Balihoo makes local marketing execution effective, efficient and affordable for national brands and their agencies.


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Solutions Used

SendGrid API and SMTP

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Why Balihoo Chose SendGrid and Twilio

Since Balihoo began offering an email and local phone solution to national brands, they’ve been using Twilio and SendGrid to drive those offerings.



Balihoo is a SendGrid OEM partner that integrated their marketing automation solution with SendGrid to access a flexible, cloud-based email platform to handle all the backend email infrastructure and delivery. Through the integration, Balihoo can manage customer accounts via subusers.

Many national brands use Balihoo’s platform to provide their locations with branded email templates that they can use to send information to their individual recipient lists. This option is great for locations that see email as too difficult to implement on their own, but still want to engage customers online.

Once customers have entered the email program, metrics and analytics are accessed through the Balihoo dashboard. This means brand managers and locations can monitor the success of their email campaigns from open, click, and unsubscribe rates.

Currently, Balihoo customers report that triggered, local email campaigns drive 1200% greater ROI over non-local email efforts. Balihoo uses the Customer Subuser API to provide their customers with features like:

  • Whitelabeled IP addresses
  • Sending statistics for their email campaigns
  • Unique settings for customers to manage
  • SMTP credentials

Balihoo also takes advantage of the Event Webhook to provide customers added details on deliveries, bounces, spam reports, clicks, opens, unsubscribes, etc. after they send to their recipient lists.



Balihoo knows that local markets demand a local touch. “The last thing in the world we wanted to do was fake this idea of local,” says Matt Long. “The majority of numbers provisioned are on local sites.”

To give national brands control over how they interact with local markets, Balihoo offers their users the option to advertise with local numbers, powered by Twilio. Balihoo found that local users shy away from calling 1-800 number, or filling out online forms for service, and prefer making a call to a local number, 5:1. This statistic jumps to 20:1 in the insurance market.

The local numbers not only help Balihoo drive leads for their users, but also track their own success. Balihoo users can see detailed lead-tracking statistics from each of their campaigns in their Twilio logs to identify market opportunities, and what improvements can be made.


Leveraging SendGrid and Twilio

Unlike other local marketing platforms, Balihoo provides national brands with a comprehensive local presence in the locations they want to target. When potential customers search for a national brand’s product, they almost always initiate their search online.

Since working with SendGrid and Twilio, Balihoo noticed a few things essential for all local marketing efforts:

  1. There is a striking preference for customer conversion by phone. Even for customers locating businesses online and exposed to web response channels, they almost always want to speak to someone on the phone before using chat or other forms of communication.
  2. Twilio call tracking numbers are one of the best ways for brand marketers to track ROI. Balihoo now insists that the brands with whom they work include local Twilio call tracking numbers on their local websites and in all associated digital tactics so that they know exactly what impact they are having locally.
  3. The leads and email addresses obtained through local tactics, as well as national tactics, in which the brand is engaged, are useless if left to sit idly. SendGrid enables brands to activate local leads through a scalable, proven, and worry-free email infrastructure.
  4. After finding a location’s website, Balihoo has discovered that customers prefer contacting a brand representative by phone nearly 20 times more often than filling out a form online.

“We’ve seen SendGrid and Twilio as tools that enable our solution,” says Matt Long. “Twilio is a key driver of our strategy.”

Our continued growth depends on the ability of both SendGrid and Balihoo to scale and evolve with us. Since becoming a SendGrid customer in 2011, our sending has steadily grown each month from hundreds of emails into the millions through our subusers and across multiple IPs. SendGrid and Twilio have been able to scale alongside us every step of the way.

Matt Long VP of Product Marketing

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