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Israeli Daily Deals Site, Baligam, Finds Success with Email Using SendGrid

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Our experience has shown that SendGrid is a very reliable platform that eliminates all the inherent problems that come with sending email.


Israel’s one-stop shopping destination.Baligam is an Israeli daily deals and local shopping site that offers thousands of high quality lifestyle products, travel deals, and flash sales. Launched in 2010, Baligam serves as a one-stop shop, and is now the leading ecommerce destination in Israel.


With email as a primary revenue channel, Baligam needed a provider that could deliver.Email newsletters are the prime source of communication and revenue for Baligam, and are critical to the success of their business. Baligam sends three types of daily email:
  • Deals newsletter – provides a variety of goods and services at deeply discounted prices.
  • Tourism newsletter – offers deals for local and international travel destinations.
  • Flash sales newsletter – promotes sophisticated, designer products from the Baligam Shop.
In addition to their promotional email, Baligam sends transactional emails on a daily basis, which include user registrations, subscription confirmations, login and password notifications, as well as shipping and order confirmations. Since email is so critical to their business, Baligam needs to understand all aspects of their delivery and response rates so they can optimize their campaign effectiveness. Baligam also understands that high email delivery rates result in higher open and click-through rates, which is why they wanted a provider that had a great reputation in email deliverability, infrastructure and support.


A thorough evaluation revealed SendGrid as the provider of choice.Although Baligam had launched their site in 2010 on the SendGrid platform, they wanted to ensure that they were using the best provider to support their business. As part of an internal review in December, 2013, Baligam evaluated three email service providers (ESPs) in addition to SendGrid. Since they don’t use advanced ESP features, their main criteria was general platform reliability and pricing. They also evaluated each platform’s ability to scale over time and performed a detailed cost analysis. To determine viability, they relied heavily on unbiased reviewers and current users to help their in-house team and Chief Technology Officer make a final decision. Based on their findings, they decided to continue with SendGrid as their email service provider of choice.


Simple integration provided Baligam with the tools to monitor and optimize their daily email campaigns.Baligam integrated the SendGrid platform in 2010 and have extended the platform over time to suit their needs. They use the SMTP API to send transactional emails, and the Event Webhook to collect and record email events. Baligam also uses Ruby Gem in conjunction with the APIs for even tighter integration. With this, they can configure their settings and filters, and provide an easy to use interface for their internal teams. With SendGrid, Baligam can keep a close eye on their delivery rates and web statistics so they have a thorough understanding of their open and click rates. Using this data, they can segment their email campaigns and compare categories by geographic location to answer questions like "how does the click through rate in Tel-Aviv compare to rates in Jerusalem for a given date." They’re also able to easily identify and remove emails that are undelivered – a tactic that helps them achieve optimal delivery. Baligam relies on their SendGrid Account Manager to help them quickly diagnose and solve delivery problems. With constant email monitoring tools at their fingertips, Baligam and their Account Manager spot potential delivery problems before they happen or become too serious. Today, Baligam sends over 18 million emails per month in multiple languages. Their two-person technical team no longer has to focus on their email infrastructure and delivery, and their content team can build and deploy daily emails without the technical team’s involvement. Moreover they have worked hard to improve their overall email deliverability, even bringing down their complaint rate to zero percent. They’re confident that their emails are wanted and received by their customers.
  • Easy integration with highly scalable email infrastructure
  • 24/7 access to email deliverability experts
  • Robust email monitoring and analytics by email campaign
  • Improved email deliverability and customer response