We’re exploring the stories of ambitious young professionals engaging in digital marketing across the globe. From mountains they’ve conquered, to challenges they’re facing, to work strategies they’re using and more, we’ll discuss today’s workplace in the marketing space and the people that are moving it forward.

Dany Warman, Sustainability & Digital Marketing Strategist

Dany knew that she wanted to work in marketing from the very beginning of her career, but the industry she finds herself in today? That’s another story. Tune in to hear more about going back to school, millennials in the workplace, and how to land a job with no prior experience.

0:11 – Did you envision being where you are now five years ago?
0:54 – Advice for new graduates
1:34 – One of the biggest misconceptions about millennials is…
2:09 – When do you feel best at work?
2:45 – What about the future excites you most?

Liam Solomon, Marketing Lead

Like many other graduates, Liam was looking forward to getting in at the ground floor of a large company and working his way up. He quickly realized that that wasn’t the environment in which he would thrive, so he pivoted to a startup. These days he’s enjoying the freedom and sense of accomplishment he gets from seeing the direct impact he’s making on the business.


0:13 – Did you envision being where you are now five years ago?
1:03 – One of Liam’s greatest successes at work
1:32 – Do you have any role models that have influenced your career?
1:53 – Advice Liam would give himself after graduating college
2:27 – I feel best at work when…

Tiffany Beddow, Sr Customer Marketing Manager

With the way the marketing industry constantly evolves, it’s a common occurrence for marketers to end up in a field that may not have existed even a few years ago. Tune in to hear more real talk from Tiffany on how her career progressed from sales, to event marketing, to now customer marketing—all because she raised her hand to run a program she knew nothing about!


0:11 – What is customer marketing?
1:12 – Mentors that have influenced Tiffany’s career
1:47 – What’s the biggest misconception of millennials in the workplace?
2:20 – What’s a skill that you’ve learned on the job?
2:48 – Finish the sentence: An app that I can’t live without…
3:06 – Advice Tiffany would give herself after graduating college

Reigan Combs, Head of Lifecycle Marketing

Reigan started her career in Product Marketing for a well-known credit card company.  After transferring to a new role on the Digital Partnerships Team, she realized she had a real interest in tech. From there she made the brave leap to move across the country to San Francisco to take a chance on a tech startup in San Francisco. She hasn’t looked back since.


0:10 – Reigan’s career story
1:20 – Finish the sentence: If you were to look back to 5 years ago…
2:00 – Did you always know you wanted to manage people?
2:27 – Career highlight
2:46 – Advice Reigan would give herself after graduating college

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