SendGrid Names Sameer Dholakia as New CEO

September 30, 2014

Email platform SendGrid Inc . has named Sameer Dholakia as the company's chief executive.

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Enterprise App Marketplaces Respond To Pain Points In Corporate IT

September 27, 2014

Enterprise application marketplaces have grown significantly in number and stature in recent years. This trend has emerged as a response to developers in corporate IT departments who are stifled by lengthy procurement processes, locked into long contracts and highly restricted when it comes to deploying exciting products offered by startup vendors.

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Addressing email deliverability issues

September 19, 2014

With recent research from Mashable showing a whopping 65% of the 144 billion emails were sent worldwide being marked as spam, marketers must do more to make sure that their campaigns are classified as relevant, as mailbox providers continue to get better at diverting spam away from the inbox.

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9 Rules for the Developer-ization of IT

September 15, 2014

CIOs who want to drive innovation and change in their organizations should focus on making the lives of developers easier so they can innovate, produce great apps and deliver valuable IP.

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Infographic: How Poles Use Email

September 10, 2014

At the end of last month, email celebrated its 32nd anniversary. To mark the occasion, email delivery service SendGrid issued a report on the way email is opened and read in Europe.

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2014’s Fastest-Growing and Most Valuable Email Marketing Companies

September 4, 2014

SendGrid is #1 in this 2014 list of the email marketing companies that made this year's Inc. 5000.

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Email, 32 Years Later

September 4, 2014

People read more email messages on Apple devices than any other platform, according to a recent study by email services company SendGrid.

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Making The Most of Email Marketing Campaigns

September 2, 2014

For many marketing professionals, email is key for reaching target audiences, but the big challenge is avoiding the spam box. More than 144 billion emails were sent worldwide in 2012, according to Mashable, but a whopping 65% of these were classified as spam. As mailbox providers get better and better at diverting spam away from the inbox, marketers must ensure that their emails are classed as relevant.

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The Developerization of IT

September 1, 2014

SaaS, the cloud, and other easily accessible technologies are reducing CIOs’ ability to be the driving force for innovation and change within their business. Instead, developers are fast becoming the bedrock of IT innovation today and their numbers are growing. To fully unleash the power of developer-led innovation, a new set of developer-centric rules can help spur the best ideas and applications and make this a smooth transition for IT. The new era of the developerization of IT is well underway and much like its predecessor, the consumerization of IT, it’s all about making stakeholders - in this case the developers - lives easier by giving them more freedom, flexibility and choice so they can focus on producing great apps, innovate and deliver valuable IP.

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Colorado Biz Top Company 2014: SendGrid

August 29, 2014

Colorado Biz Magazine selects SendGrid as the Top Company in the Technology category for 2014.

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