The State of DevOps in 2016

November 24, 2015

While DevOps may sound like something only developers and IT managers need to know about, it’s actually a seminal movement in the technology space.

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SendGrid Expands Executive Leadership Team with Appointment of Chief Product Officer and Chief Marketing Officer

November 23, 2015

SendGrid today announced the appointment of Steve Sloan as Chief Product Officer and Scott Heimes as Chief Marketing Officer. Together, these executives bring a wealth of leadership experience and domain expertise to SendGrid from their prior roles at rapidly growing, publicly traded technology companies.

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SendGrid's Diversity Strategy Results in More Job Candidates

November 22, 2015

SendGrid sees improvement in women in technology jobs after publicly sharing its numbers.

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Holiday Email Marketing Insights: Send Emails Early, Avoid Thanksgiving Day & Segment Your Lists

November 21, 2015

SendGrid offer tips and recommendations based on last year's holiday campaigns.

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Top tips for Black Friday Email Campaigns

November 20, 2015

SendGrid recently studied how email marketers used the holiday for their campaigns and found that the highest volume days were actually Black Friday and Cyber Monday, rather than the days leading up to Thanksgiving.

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Expert: How to Get the Most from Email Campaigns

November 18, 2015

Victor Amin of SendGrid offers his top tips to keep customers engaged with email over the holiday season.

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Is Less More On Black Friday? Fighting Email Fatigue

November 17, 2015

With Black Friday approaching around the corner, new data from SendGrid reveals that email marketers might want to consider sending fewer but more targeted emails this year.

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Top 5 Tips for Better Holiday Emails

November 16, 2015

Over the past few years mobile usage has exceeded desktop usage during the holidays between Fridays and Sundays. Victor Amin of SendGrid outlines how email campaigns can be made stronger for mobile screens.

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Email Overload Stressing Out Consumers

November 13, 2015

“Email overload is real,” agrees Victor Amin, data scientist at SendGrid. “Consumers can’t always keep up with the bombardment of email marketing messages in their inbox. Marketers need to be careful not to fatigue their recipients. You should send multiple emails per day only rarely, and only to recipients who consistently engage with your mail,” Amin says. “For those on your list with low engagement, send less frequently. And, of course, those recipients with no engagement shouldn’t be sent to at all.”

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4 Common Email Marketing Misconceptions . . . Demystified

November 10, 2015

Email lives in a fluid environment: What may have been completely taboo yesterday may well have turned out to be a best practice today. And because of this constant evolution in email, marketers may be using old bad habits when they create a new email marketing campaign. This article includes four common misconceptions about those campaigns.

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