What Expected Data Spend Really Means for Brands

March 23, 2015

The Winterberry Group reports US marketers will spend $11.5 billion in 2015 on data and related solutions. Specifically, data-related spending will rise by 35% in email marketing and 21% in display. But what does this spending forecast really mean for brands?

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Broad Alliance Emerges to Fight Obama Tech Policies

March 17, 2015

"Any attempt to weaken encryption via a backdoor will make it easier for bad actors to get in," says David Campbell, chief security officer of SendGrid.

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SendGrid Accelerates Growth Path with Opening of New Silicon Valley Office and Appointment of Craig Kaes as VP of Engineering

March 16, 2015

SendGrid, the leading email delivery platform for email that matters, today announced the opening of its fifth US office and first location in Silicon Valley to accommodate skyrocketing growth in its customer base and accelerate the development and delivery of new product offerings. The company also announced the appointment of Craig Kaes as Vice President of Engineering who will lead existing and new teams of engineers across SendGrid's offices.

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SendGrid Plans to Hire up to 40 at its First Silicon Valley office

March 14, 2015

SendGrid's rapidly growing e-mail delivery service has the Boulder company heading West in search of more tech talent.

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5 Ways to Optimize Email Marketing ROI

March 10, 2015

Email marketing is one of the most important vehicles for reaching new and existing customers. Companies utilize email marketing to showcase new products, introduce new promotions and re-engage customers who haven’t shopped in a while.

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Canada Levies $1.1Mn Fine for Spamming

March 10, 2015

“We can expect that the Canadian government will continue to enforce CASL and pursue individuals and companies that break this law in both Canada and abroad,” explained Paul Kincaid-Smith, vice president of deliverability at cloud-based email service provider SendGrid, in an emailed comment. “As a result, CASL needs to be taken seriously by all commercial email senders, not just those in Canada, since it’s difficult to identify where email recipients are located. These laws are part of a multi-dimensional approach to fighting spam, which also includes industry self-regulation initiatives such as those supported by the Messaging, Mobile and Malware Anti-Abuse Working Group (M3AAWG).”

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3 Physically Active Colorado Startups: All work and a Lot of Play

March 9, 2015

Stand-up desks, wellness committees and taking part in Tough Mudder competitions are increasingly common in the world of startups, but our top three picks - Quickleft, SendGrid and ReadyTalk - have health and wellness priorities baked in to the heart of their culture. Read on to find out about super fit CEOs, beer brewing, Marathon Relays and a spot of frisbee, too.

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How Data Analytics Can Improve Your Marketing Campaigns

February 21, 2015

Aaron Beach, Senior Data Scientist at SendGrid, gives his advice on how data and analytics can be used to improve your marketing campaign.

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More than Half of all Email in UK opened on an Apple Device

February 13, 2015

More than half of all email (54%) in the UK is opened on an Apple device, according to new data from SendGrid, the leading email delivery platform for email that matters.

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54% of Email in UK opened on an Apple device

February 11, 2015

Email analysis conducted by SendGrid has found that more than half of all email in the U.K. is opened on an Apple device.

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