SendGrid Solutions Providers

As a SendGrid customer, we want to extend our support to you with services that are complementary to transactional and marketing email. To accomplish this, we have formed partnerships with many of the best technology Solutions Providers in the industry.

Our Solutions Providers offer a broad set of design, development, integration and marketing automation services, and many have a strong knowledge base of SendGrid’s email deliverability infrastructure and SendGrid integration experience. Some examples of these complementary services include analytics, voice and SMS solutions, email intelligence, list segmentation, testing, security and integration services. SendGrid Solutions Providers also have the backing of SendGrid sales and technical resources, with access to SendGrid support.

A list of SendGrid Solutions Providers and a description of their services can be found below.


Embarke provides next-generation analytics, segmentation, and automated delivery for email messaging. We perform behavior analysis on each user, delivering messages individually at the time each person is most likely to engage. With this we’re able to increase opens and clicks by 5%-20%, and it takes just 15 minutes set up.

Keen IO

Keen IO is an analytics-platform-as-a-service company. We build APIs to collect, analyze, visualize, and share analytics data. We take the hassle of scaling, storage, and speed off your plate, so that you can focus on making informed decisions. Our partnership with SendGrid makes it easy to collect and analyze all of the SendGrid Email Events. All you need to do is paste a Keen IO URL into the Event Notification settings and you’ll be ready to use our analysis and visualization tools to dig right in to your email events.

MailMonitor helps email marketers, agencies, and ESPs intelligently manage inbox placement and sender reputation by providing seed-based email deliverability monitoring, spam filter testing, duration reporting, blacklist monitoring, and deliverability consulting services. provides those actionable analytics so email marketers and ESPs can monitor delivery of their email campaigns and diagnose delivery problems. also offers flexible integration capabilities with the API.

Mailtrap is a mock SMTP server and adds a value for those who want to test, view and share emails sent from a development and staging environment without spamming real customers. It's safe to use a copy of a production database with a staging environment to check different cases on real data (payment notifications, digest emails, forgot passwords, etc.), and it's free to use.


matchist connects entrepreneurs with top US-based freelance developers to build web and mobile apps, custom software, do advanced API integrations and much more.


Nveloped changes how companies can use email to communicate with customers by delivering secure, dynamic email directly to their recipient’s inbox. Nveloped's service uses patent-pending technology to deliver your most important messages—from password and account information to confidential healthcare and financial information—to your customers to increase communication security and help you maintain regulatory compliance.


Return Path is an email performance management company dedicated to helping its clients build better relationships with their customers, generate higher response rates and achieve significant returns on their investments from their email programmes. More than 1,500 companies currently use Return Path's services to generate superior results, taking advantage of Return Path's pioneering innovations in deliverability, email list quality solutions, customer acquisition, online market research and best practices strategy.


Sendwithus is the missing tool for email marketers. Take control of your transactional email and get the power you need to send great email through SendGrid. Sendwithus sits between your business and SendGrid and puts you, the marketer, in control.


Twilio is powering the future of business communications, enabling developers to embed voice, VoIP, and messaging into applications. They virtualize all infrastructure needed in a cloud-based, global environment, exposing it through the Twilio communications API platform. Applications are simple to build and scalable. Enjoy flexibility with pay-as-you go pricing, and benefit from cloud reliability.

API Xchange

We provide pre-­screened developers who are experienced with SendGrid APIs. We'll work directly with SendGrid customers to make their SendGrid integrations a success.