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Creating Individual Consumer Profiles

Every marketer deserves to message with confidence—and every consumer deserves to receive only relevant, contextual, and timely messages. Here’s Kahuna’s simple approach to ensure just that:

1. Creating Individual Consumer Profiles

Kahuna’s product is built to listen to the consumer across multiple channels. We collect billions of real-time consumer events in seconds that inform us about consumer behaviors and preferences. We leverage that data to build one single profile for each consumer, creating a consistent view of each person from the marketer’s perspective, and as a result, a consistent messaging experience for each consumer.

2. Personalizing Messages for Content and Context

We use these individual profiles of each consumer to personalize the messages that the marketer wants to deliver to them. This means figuring out when to message them, on which channel, on which device, at which point in their consumer journey, and so on, all for the purpose of optimizing for whatever the marketing goal may be—and alleviating the marketer of dreaded guesswork in the process.

3. Applying Artificial Intelligence

In order to accomplish this decision-making automation, Kahuna has built various AI algorithms that determine the best outcomes from billions of possibilities, within seconds. This enables marketers to achieve 1-to-1 personalization with every single consumer at scale, leading to maximized business results.

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