Rich account and lead lists, right at your fingertips

About 5% of individuals change their job or title during any given month, meaning lists can get stale quickly. But since Clearbit data refreshes in real time, you'll always reach the right person, at the right company. Clearbit data is sourced from over 250 public and private sources. All details are verified for accuracy through strict quality assurance processes, resulting in an email deliverability rate of over 94%.

It's easy to connect with the right person within target accounts:. input your preferred persona by role and Clearbit Prospector will return emails from our ever-growing database of over 200M contacts

Select any combination of Clearbit’s 85 unique data fields, and return highly targeted lists of accounts and leads that match your search criteria

Unlike static databases that can quickly become stale, Clearbit searches and returns data in real time — so it's always fresh and relevant

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