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Learn how email can drive revenue for your business with the Partner Academy.

Become a Communications Expert

The Partner Academy will provide you with an in-depth understanding of email communications and best practices, deliverability issues, and how your customers can become successful senders.

Identify Target Customers

Learn about Twilio SendGrid’s target personas and the competitive advantages to use when positioning our products.

Drive Revenue for your Business

Email is one of the most profitable marketing tools, when done correctly. Help your customers improve their email program and customer engagement while driving revenue for your business.

We are excited to partner with you!

Our goal is to provide your business the support and training needed to be successful. The Partner Academy will teach you everything you need to know about SendGrid products and how to market and sell them. At the end of the course work, you’ll be able to identify customers who need these products, explain the benefits, and close deals that drive revenue for your business.

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Get Valuable Resources

“The Twilio SendGrid partner program helps us to build a go-to-market strategy and gives us the right amount of resources for sales, marketing, and support. To provide the proven email delivery platform for our clients, this partner program is the best option.”
-Kansuke Nakai - KKE

Learn Quickly

"The staff at Handy Networks has found the Partner Academy an invaluable resource. It has enabled our team to get up to speed on the features and benefits of Twilio SendGrid. The tutorials are short in nature and to the point. Highly recommend. A terrific program."
-Bill Mackey - Handy Networks

Help Your Customers

“The Twilio SendGrid partner program allows us to serve our local clients with global products.”
-Mastan Vali - Caddy Code

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