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SendGrid, a leading delivery platform for customer communication that drives engagement and growth, today announced the launch of SendGrid for Agencies. The new program simplifies email program management for digital marketing agencies, system integrators and boutique design shops, regardless of size – whether they’re sending 100 or 100 million emails per month.

Efficiently managing email implementations and programs across a growing client base is no easy task. Agencies are faced with a unique set of challenges, including collaboration across teams, managing client access, and providing accurate billing and reporting. SendGrid for Agencies was established with those challenges in mind.

SendGrid for Agencies helps to reduce workflows and the resources necessary to manage multiple email programs, while providing all the necessary tools to help drive meaningful ROI for clients. Agencies can consolidate their vendors and send all of their email via SendGrid, from email newsletters and password resets to promotional email, shipping notifications and much more.

Key elements designed to eliminate the complexities of agency-life:

  • Flexible pricing model with scaled CPM and built in margins to help generate revenue.
  • Send all client email with unparalleled scale through our flexible email API or an intuitive user interface with advanced marketing-related functionality.
  • Consolidated client management through sub-users provides for greater flexibility around client management and reporting.
  • Granular permissioning with Teammates allows for specific control of users access to accounts, metrics and billing information.
  • Dedicated IPs to help better manage both agency and client sending reputations.
  • Access to proprietary materials and expertise include in-depth guides on email marketing and email deliverability best practices, as well as brochures and presentations to help sell the value of email.

“We’re excited to announce SendGrid for Agencies to help agencies expand and enhance their offerings, attract new clients and improve efficiencies and costs,” said Scott Heimes, Chief Marketing Officer at SendGrid. “With email being the number one driver of ROI according to the Data & Marketing Association, this new offering will help generate stronger ROI to agencies’ clients through SendGrid’s email deliverability and email marketing expertise and access to its detailed reporting and analytics.”

The program is layered on top of the SendGrid Difference, providing the trust necessary to send on behalf of clients with confidence:

  • Proven deliverability – the industry’s largest team of deliverability experts and relationships with top internet service providers (ISPs)
  • Scale – sending over 30 billion emails monthly
  • Global Support – available 24/7

With over 1 trillion emails sent from SendGrid to date and over 50,000 paying customers like Airbnb, Pandora, HubSpot, Spotify and Uber, SendGrid is a leader in email delivery. To learn more about the program, visit our SendGrid for Agencies page to connect with a partner success manager.

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