SendGrid, the leading delivery platform for customer communication that drives engagement and growth, today announced the availability of a new Expert Services offering to help customers optimize their email programs and drive business results. The offering is spearheaded by SendGrid’s team of deliverability, technical support and customer success experts who complement SendGrid’s email platform, which currently delivers over 30 billion emails per month.

SendGrid Expert Services provides new and existing customers with a variety of consulting and managed service packages so they can customize their engagement and select an option that works best for them. Packages range from one-time, dedicated onboarding consulting services which guide customers through program setup, to ongoing, Expert Managed Services that include direct access to expert technical Support, Customer Success and Delivery Services Team members.

As part of the Expert Managed Services offering, SendGrid’s team of in-house email experts help manage a customer’s email reputation through sophisticated monitoring tools and build bespoke email optimization plans to improve email deliverability and increase the ROI of their email programs. The Expert Services team also provides customers with the ability to track KPIs and diagnose issues before they become a problem.

“Our Expert Services are designed to complement the SendGrid platform and help customers ensure they are able to maximize the business value of their email programs,” said Leandra Fishman, SVP of Sales and Customer Success of SendGrid.  “A more effective email program can empower customers to increase engagement, decrease program costs and drive more revenue from their campaigns.”

“Email has such a huge return on investment that it’s a no-brainer to leverage the expertise of SendGrid to get better and better results,” said Celeste Grupman, CEO of Happy Grasshopper. “If you administer any email marketing program, you’ve probably been waiting for an opportunity to pay for this one-on-one insight for years. I highly recommend it!“

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