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SendGrid, Inc. (NYSE: SEND), a leading digital communication platform that drives engagement and growth, today introduced dynamic content for email templates enabling customers to seamlessly design and deliver personalized, one-to-one transactional email messages. The new templates provide native support for Handlebars syntax, one of the most familiar and ubiquitous templating engines available to developers today.

Transactional emails typically contain information a recipient wants or needs and consequently have very high open rates. Examples of transactional emails include product recommendations, time-sensitive password resets, purchase receipts and registration confirmations. With SendGrid’s dynamic content for email templates, customers can customize transactional email content based on recipient demographics like location or age and include contextual details such as specific products on a receipt and tracking numbers for shipments. Basic conditional options in the templates can also serve targeted, relevant message content based on insights about each recipient.

Support for Handlebars syntax allows all of this dynamic templating to occur outside of protected code, meaning developers can now safely make changes to templates without the need to redeploy code. Changes can be implemented quickly and safely in the template, and no update to a code base is required.

“To create more engaging digital conversations, email messages should be more like human communications, completely in sync with the needs and connected to the context of each individual,” said Steve Sloan, chief product officer at SendGrid. “Dynamic templates help our customers achieve this type of personalized communication at scale, which is part of our vision to be the world’s most trusted communication platform over the years to come.”

“SendGrid has been a great technology partner for Silvercar. In particular, their dynamic templating functionality has empowered us to migrate all runtime email functionality out of legacy systems,” said Jeff Kalikstein, VP of Engineering at Silvercar. “Using SendGrid has freed up our dev team to accelerate our core product development.”

To leverage dynamic content for transactional templates, click “Transactional” under the “Templates” menu in the left-hand navigation of the SendGrid application.

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