SendGrid – CTA APEX Finalist for Company of the Year

SendGrid – CTA APEX Finalist for Company of the Year


SendGrid was a finalist for the Colorado Technology Association’s 2016 Company of the Year.

An employee of Uber recently gave a presentation to staffers at SendGrid, a company that offers email systems for businesses (for example, if you get an email from Pandora with song recommendations, it came from SendGrid) to talk about the two companies’ shared history. It goes back to when both were just getting started.

“He had this growth chart that literally started at nothing in the bottom left corner and then rose sharply to the upper right corner,” said Sameer Dholakia, SendGrid’s CEO. “Then he paused for a minute and said, ‘You’re welcome.’”

Dholakia chuckled and said, “Uber scaled right along with us.”

Folks at SendGrid have plenty to chuckle about. Other clients include: Airbnb, HubSpot, Spotify and Costco; and it serves over 120,000 customers, sending 30 billion emails monthly. “To grow as fast as we have, and to be as profitable as we are, isn’t heard of very often in this space,” Dholakia said.

Isaac Saldana, Tim Jenkins and Jose Lopez founded the company in 2009.

“They’re still here and they can look back and say they helped build a company that will clear $100 million next year,” Dholakia said.

But it’s not the fast growth or famed client list that makes Dholakia most proud – it’s the company’s culture.

“I’m a big believer that it matters more how you do something, more than what you do,” he said. “Our culture is based on being happy, hungry, humble and honest. Those are what have made us successful.”