SendGrid, the leading delivery platform for customer communication that drives engagement and growth, today announced the acquisition of Bizzy, an email marketing automation startup that helps marketers at small-to medium-sized companies optimize their email campaigns. Bizzy’s easy to use solution uses an algorithm to segment users based on past purchase behaviors and determines if and when they should receive an email, and what it should say.

“Bizzy’s talented team will help accelerate our email marketing product roadmap and bring new, innovative capabilities to Marketing Campaigns,” said Steve Sloan, Chief Product Officer of SendGrid. “The integration of Bizzy’s expertise and their dedication to world class user experience will help us make it even easier for our marketing customers to create campaigns that drive engagement and business growth.”

Marketing Campaigns is SendGrid’s rapidly growing email marketing solution that empowers marketers with the ability to create, send and track campaigns to drive customer engagement. Over 9 billion emails have been delivered via Marketing Campaigns since its launch last year. Today it serves more than 5,000 paying customers and has delivered more than 19 million email campaigns.

“The Bizzy team is highly aligned with our product vision and we’re thrilled to have them join SendGrid to help us accelerate our footprint in email marketing,” said Sameer Dholakia, CEO of SendGrid. “The team’s values align very closely with our 4H culture of being happy, humble, hungry and honest and they share our customer-first mindset.”

Bizzy was founded in 2013 by Jennifer Kessler, Founder & CEO, and Chiara McPhee, Founder & COO. Jen studied business at Stanford and math at the University of Pennsylvania. She has worked at the forefront of bringing inventive predictive modeling to portfolio management across multiple industries. Chiara studied business at Stanford and has a background in marketing and design. She has developed sales and marketing strategies for Fortune 500 companies as well as venture-backed start-ups.

Jennifer Kessler, Founder & CEO of Bizzy said, “Since Bizzy’s inception, we’ve been hyper-focused on helping marketers cut the noise and send campaigns that are proven to drive conversions.”

Chiara McPhee, Founder & COO added, “SendGrid has demonstrated a keen ability to similarly drive customer communications that drive engagement and business growth with unmatched deliverability, reliability, scalability and customer service. We’re looking forward to what we can accomplish together.”

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