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Picked up from Inc., FORTUNE knows the best employees want a strong culture. And that’s an advantage that startups often hold over big employers. But now the giants are catching on, forcing small companies to adapt, says SendGrid CEO Sameer Dholakia.

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3 Obstacles Every Marketer Will Face in 2017

Big Data, the Inbound Movement and Account Based Marketing are the biggest buzzwords in marketing, but they have obstacles to overcome. SendGrid Chief Marketing Officer, Scott Heimes, discusses the rise of email volume despite the death predictions.

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19 More Top Technology Predictions for 2017

The New Year promises to be a busy one in the areas of data management, data governance, artificial intelligence and machine learning. SendGrid’s Chief Security Officer, David Campbell, shares his outlook on what you can expect to see in email security.

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Here are the biggest IoT security threats facing the enterprise in 2017

SendGrid’s Chief Security Officer, David Campbell, talks to TechRepublic about the biggest IoT security threats facing enterprises in 2017. DDoS mitigation will be center stage for internet-based companies in 2017. After the widespread DDoS attack of hosting company OVH in 2016, in which 150,000 Internet-connected devices were leveraged for a 1 Tbps attack, companies are going to have to start getting on the defensive side of DDoS mitigation.

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