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Artificial Intelligence: Marketing’s Friend or Marketing’s Foe?

The story of robots taking jobs — or worse, turning against us — was a common leitmotif of the late twentieth century. But, as the twenty-first century progresses, it’s becoming increasingly clear that artificial intelligence (or AI) will be much more likely to enhance our jobs than replace them. Data Scientist at SendGrid, Aaron Beach, discusses the upside of AI and how it will help marketers.

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10 Awesome Denver Companies That Are Hiring Now

Job searching can be tough. Whether you’ve been looking for months or are just starting to think about your next step, finding the company with the perfect culture and job opening for you—and in the right location—is no small feat. The Muse compiled ten companies that are all hiring now, right in Denver, including SendGrid. Take a peek inside their offices, browse job openings, and see if your perfect “next thing” just landed in your lap.

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Colorado tech executive urges opposition to U.S. immigration changes

SendGrid CEO Sameer Dholakia is joining other leaders of technology companies opposing changes to U.S. immigration rules under U.S. President Donald Trump. The loudest industry reaction against the Trump administration’s executive order on immigration has come from tech, an industry that identifies immigrants to the U.S. as a key source of innovation.

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Top 4 tips to improve email success

According to data out from Adobe about half of consumers still prefer retailers and marketers to reach out to them via email. However, fewer than one-third actually open those emails according to a Retail TouchPoints survey. Here are four tips from SendGrid CMO, Scott Heimes, to help improve email success.

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Bridging Online & Offline Through Hyper-Personalized Email

There have been interesting attempts at bridging the online and offline world — the real vs. the digital often times are difficult to turn into meaningful engagements. Bridging this divide might be the holy grail of marketing, or at least provide a way create a potent engagement elixir that provides utility and stunning personalization on a per user basis. Len Shneyder, VP of Industry Relations at SendGrid shares advice for bridging online and offline customer engagement in 2017 through hyper-personalized email.

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20 Companies Where You Can Grow Your Career This Year

When you dream about the absolutely perfect employer, what comes to your mind? If your brain is filled with visions of delicious catered lunches and a company-wide tradition called “Puppy Friday,” we can’t blame you. But, we bet there’s one other thing that ranks toward the top of your list: room for growth. After all, nobody wants to feel limited or stuck in their career. TheMuse and CapitalOne partnered up to pull the top 20 companies that won’t limit your potential.

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Building for Massive Scale With Tim Jenkins, CTO of SendGrid

Tim Jenkins, Co-founder and CTO of SendGrid discusses the founding story of one of the most successful email deliverability providers on the web. Take a journey through the ebb and flow of a CTO’s responsibilities as SendGrid scales massively, and learn about how SendGrid’s culture has been defined by the 4 H’s: honest, hungry, humble, and happy.

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