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Mobile Growth Proves Email Marketing Is Still Top Dog

SendGrid’s annual report on email engagement found that email send rates are going up and open rates and click-throughs are holding their own. The average brand sends out roughly 10 emails per month with an open rate between 14% and 27%, with click-throughs at around 2% to 3%. Retailers tend to send nearly double that amount of emails per month but still enjoy an average of a 4% click through.

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Benchmark report reveals effectiveness of marketing emails

A new study from SendGrid measures the engagement numbers for the average percentage of male and female recipients, the percentage of emails that are opened on mobile and non-mobile devices, open rates, click rate, click-to-open rates and monthly send rates across 10 industries.

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Study IDs email fatigue

SendGrid’s Global Email Benchmark Report finds that despite high send frequency, emails from the Health/Fitness, Real Estate, and Mobile App spaces continue to have both strong open and click rates.

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SendGrid’s 2016 Global Email Benchmark Report Addresses the Most Pressing Issues in Email Today

SendGrid announced the findings of its first Global Email Benchmark Report. SendGrid collected data from over 30 billion emails to measure and publish email-related metrics to be used as benchmarks for email senders globally and across 10 industries. The 2016 Global Email Benchmark Report includes findings to help email senders evaluate the effectiveness of their email programs and establish concrete goals. The report equips email senders with insights and actionable steps to improve their marketing initiatives. Read more ›

SendGrid Named to First-Ever Forbes 2016 World’s Best 100 Cloud Companies List

SendGrid today announced that it has been named to the first-ever Forbes 2016 Cloud 100, the definitive list of the top 100 private cloud companies in the world, developed in partnership with Bessemer Venture Partners. To view the list, please visit The list will appear in the October 4, 2016 issue of Forbes magazine. “SendGrid is honored to be recognized

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